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  1. Metrocruiser
    08-22-2013 11:58 PM - permalink
    Hello Mr.N, I saw your page on 79 F350 D60 and was wondering if you could help me to identify my axles which are supposedly off of a 79 F350. Could I post a pic and send you a link? you rock
  2. dc805
    04-20-2013 11:57 AM - permalink
    hello, i'm new to posting on forums so i hope this is the right way. i'm converting a 1975 bronco drum dana 44 to disc. i have a 1971 chevy spindle but i'm trying to find out if i need to buy new hubs or if the ones i have will work..the hubs are the one's that were used on the original drum setup (75 bronco). summary are drum hubs interchange to press rotors on. i even confused myself but maybe it'll make since. thanks for any help
  3. Pleembob
    08-07-2012 12:21 PM - permalink
    Mr. N, Love your website and applaude your moral stand! My question is regarding recommendations for machining of D44 knuckles. Who are you recommending for this service these days other than Parts Mike. I live in Ohio. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jim
  4. jayandmeg
    03-26-2012 06:26 PM - permalink
    Mr.N, a while ago you commented on a thread asking if anyone had heard of a reverse tapered stud for a heim joint tie rod conversion that would place the heim on top of a knuckle. /forum/general-4x4-discussion/901559-feeler-our-taper-stud-adapters.html Did you ever find such a stud? I would really be interested in one if they exist.
  5. kirbybuilt
    12-01-2011 11:13 AM - permalink
    Will the 5:38 ring and pinion gears out of my 1951 rear dana 44 bolt up to the carrier/housing of a newer 70's/80's rear 44. What about in a low pinion front 44?
  6. bike5087
    11-14-2011 03:35 PM - permalink
    Hello Mr.N - I noticed you know a lot about Dana axles. I have a 1973 250 with a low pinion closed knucke drum brake HD44. I'd like to have disc brakes. My question is: Can I go the knuckles out Chevy Brakes route? If so what do I need to look for at salvage yards. If not do I need to find a low pinion open knuckle disc axle off another f250. Thanks!
  7. builtnotbought89'
    11-09-2011 02:14 PM - permalink
    Ok I've been reading your dana articals all day...

    I have a '75 F150 Dana 44 axle with drum brakes, my question is can the outter knuckle be swapped out for a '76-'77 to gain disc brakes? if so what all will be needed?

    The shafts according to your page seem to be the same length, obviously knuckle, the hub/bearing, & braking hardware... what else am I missing? please school me on this.


    BTW your PM box is also crammed with our dumb questions haha
  8. ChemicalToilet
    10-20-2011 10:36 AM - permalink
    Mr.N, your Dana 44 flat top web site has greatly helped me get my hp44 project going. My question is about spindles and stubs. With whatever spindle I end up running, do I have to use the stub that came with it? I have a set of flat tops, machined and ready to go. Here's my plan, get 77-87 GM big bearing splindles and machine them down to small bearing specs, 77-87 GM stub shaft, 77-87 GM brakes, 87-95 Ford hub, bearings and rotor. My question is about the Ford 6 bolt spindle that is on the TTB, will that work with my chevy flat tops or should I stick with the original plan?

    Thank you for any help,

  9. Eyez
    03-25-2011 07:46 PM - permalink
    Mr.N, in the past you've been helpful, and now I'm hoping for a bit more. I put a 79 F250 RS D44 in my jeep, and converted it to GM flat top knuckles, but didn't grind the alloy shaft yokes for full turn. Adjusted the steering stops out. Still managed to bind up yokes and wreck a diff seal. It's apart for repair. I'm grinding the yokes for about 42 degrees turn, and want to set the stops back to achieve the oem 40 degrees of turn. Can you tell me how much the oem stop bolts stick out of the knuckle, to get the knuckles back to 40 degrees? This seems simpler than trial and error until binding occurs.

    Your pro life website is appreciated.


  10. jstplyn331
    01-31-2011 07:06 AM - permalink
    Love your web site by the way. I have been up and down and all around it trying to come up with a possible answer for what I an doing and nothing. So here is the question. I have a 4l60e with a np263 transfer case. I am putting it behind a LS-1 and dropping it in a 1972 Blazer. So my Delema. I want to do a push button 4 wheel a 8 lug bolt pattern and keep Chevy Brakes w/ disc's all the way around. I figure the rear end is simple, but as far as the front I can only come up with the idea that a 77.5 - 79 F250 front Dana 44 will work. if so just curious what I will need to know about doing this? Pro's Con's. As I said very new to this Hot rods I get, 4x4's not so much yet. I don't know how to measure a axle and or the RS workings. Thanks in advance

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