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Depends on the vehicle... R1s are nice but break alot of shit when they bite if you truck isnt built for it. Ltbs work damn good if they have them ij the size your looking for. Actually the pitbull growler works pretty damn good shocking as it may be if your truck doesnt have the power to spin boggers.
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Originally Posted by midwestracer View Post
I have a little old samurai with a 1.6 and some gears and i spin 38 boggers just fine enough to go through anything that my buddies v8 powered cj7 can go through with the same tire so sometimes its not all about the power
Your buddy's CJ may not have enough power to make 'em work PROPERLY either
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Originally Posted by TEX View Post
Your buddy's CJ may not have enough power to make 'em work PROPERLY either
What you say!?

The problem is that Boggers get too much traction, not that they don't have enough motor!

My favorite victims at the mud drags are always the kids with their brand new 44" Boggers and new 502 crate motors thinking they are king shit. They usually have a nice sheen of armorall on their tires as well, which adds to my vast enjoyment of crushing their dreams. Ahhhh, youth
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Seth is scarier than you though. He looks like he would kill and eat a baby with his bare hands.
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Gotta get boggers in the right width for your rig too.... skinny boggers on a heavy rig = quick digging... so long as there's a bottom you'll get thru but no bottom and break out the straps cause you got no hope of floating over anything.
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Meh, Boggers will dig for China on anything. I remember when the MO Super Stock champ got a pair for the rear. He had previously ran 42X15 TSL's at all 4 corners & moved to 39.5 Boggers in back. Every time he got stuck, those rears would dig STRAIGHT down almost immediately while the TSL's would stay up on top. And we're talking about a 700HP Jeep that I personally weighed at 2,840lbs. IMO, if you're seeing guys dig down with skinny boggers & others who are "floating" with fat ones, I'd be willing to bet those fat ones are also TALLER, which is what you really need on a big heavy truck - more diameter, not more width. The only way you're really "floating" with Boggers is with extreme HP & low weight.
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i'm dont drive a mud truck but out here for the mud we get, snow, rocks, the iroks work well and are very light. 42 inch irok with 2-10 psi depending how heavy your rig is
my iroks were worthless with over 10psi in them.. amazing at 2
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If you don't have to have a dot tire I gota say ag again. Just put my 31-15.5-15s on the back this weekend for mardi/muddy gras here in east Texas. 4"+ rain this past week. Camp grounds are a mess and almost everyone is having trouble except...

I saw boggers clogged up and spinning more then me. only time I even remotely got close to clogging them was pulling someone out and even then a quick spin and those huge clumps of mud are gone. I'm convinced there is no substitute.
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The 40'' LTB is great value, much cheaper than any other tire in that size range(dont know about ags or mil.). They also pull close to a full 40'' (39.8'') and have a generous tread depth, 28/32".

Boggers, kickass but you need a light rig or lots of power to get them to work right. Siping/groving in the "usual" pattern helps out a LOT with side hill, lug flex and forward traction.

I have never ran ags but I have seen them in action and if you have the power they work well.

IMO on DOT tires for mud:
1. Boggers
2. LTB, Irok
3. TSL, SX
4. What ever mud terrain tire makes you chub up.

I refuse to consider a Thornturd/Stuckbird for anything.
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