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Now what?

I have a stock '93 YJ, 2.5L with manual tranny 200,000+ km. I like jeeps, just not mine. It is very tired, gutless and definately problematic.

right now when i turn left and my suspension travels i hear a bad "kriik" "clunk" coming from my passenger side mid-rear. not good

i've checked for any loose connections and and can't find anything broken, but i can only check when the vehicle is stopped and it doesn't make the nasty noise any more. I'm thinking its the leaf springs, they look to be original.

since i'm gonna change the leafs i might as well do a SOA
i'm looking to run 37" or 38.5" tires. i'm not using a sawzall!!
i have heavy duty leaf shackles (6 1/4" from centre of hole to centre of hole, stock are 4") what leafs should i go with?

i know, i know, stock axles bust with tires this big (picked up a d44 front diff off a '74 waggy today) looking for rear d44 now.

for the power problem i have a v8 (rebuilt cheby 305 w/performer plus cam /performer intake manifold) and TH350 tranny. what carb should i look for?
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38's run hard with d44's = carnage. go bigger. my .02
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you are going from stock to 38.5's?

learn how to drive...

put a locker in the d30 when you go SOA, swap out the rear for a D44, 8.8, 9" or something and run 35's

an AAL might give your current spring pack a little boost when you go SOA and help strengthen the pack's.

get the engine squared away and get your power back with a RUNNING vehicle before you go anywhere near the axles...

general rule for axle strength / tire size with 300+hP engines:

D35 - good for 30's
D30 - good for 33's, maybe 35's
Toy 8"/D44(Front) - good for 35's maybe 37's
D44(Rear) - good for 35's, not 37's
Toy 8(Rear) - good for 37's
Ford 9(rear) - good for 37's, maybe bigger with better aftermarket stuff...
D60's - up to 40's
anything bigger, you are into 2.5 ton axle territory...

Just my opinions
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Dude, you've got a killer power set up. A set of axles and 35's and that thing will go places you couldn't imagine.

If you're set on going up to 38.5's definetly start looking at full width and probably stretching the wheelbase. I know guys that have run 37's and said they were too squirly and tippy with stock wheelbase.

Personally, I'd recommend a well gusseted 9" w/ goodies, a D44 front w/ goodies, SOA with AAL's or RE 1.5" springs and see what you think after that.

You said no sawzall so I'm assuming you want to keep the Jeep nice so my recommendation are to keep the thing stable and streetable. My opinion, a stock width/wheelbase SWB Jeep on 38.5's is neither streetable nor stable at those speeds.

As for your noise, check out the rear track bar. Those things are prone to problems and you won't really notice anything in normal highway driving, but when you make tighter turns is when they do their job. My brother had his rip off of the frame on the highway swerving to miss someone that cut him off. The combination of swerving and highspeed bumps in the road caused a hole to be ripped in the frame where the mount had been welded on.
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i appreciate the feedback

i'm leaving this jeep as is until i find all the parts i need. (it gets me to work every day)

today i found and bought an NP205 w/adapter plate which matches my TH350 off an '80 chev 1/2 ton Yeah! i'm happy about that. (what makes and years does the NP205 have a fixed yoke off the rear??)

when i first bought this jeep a couple months ago, i figured it would be good to go right off the lot. it sortof is, but i'm nowhere near where i want to take it.

this is what i'm building:
'93 YJ
-SBC 305/TH350/NP205
-SOA D44 front and ? rear w/ locker
-4.56 gears
-2.5" procomp YJ leafs
-37x12.5x15 Goodyear MT/R

please keep the advice and tips coming.

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Old 08-25-2005, 11:18 AM   #7 (permalink)
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What shape is the 2.5 in?

Have any idea as to what the Compression is in your 2.5??? I'm looking for a decent runner for a 93 YJ....I'm burning a quart of oil each 100 miles....So much blowby its a struggle to climb a Curb....How much You gonna be asking for your 2.5...? And where located...? Drop Me a Note and lets see if we can deal..<>
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i live in edmonton, alberta, canada. i have absolutely no idea how much compression is in the 2.5. i rarely need to add any oil, one liter every 1500 kms, however; there is a tiny puff of blue sometimes when the engine starts which makes sense as the mileage is fairly high on this rig (204,000 kms)

i am gonna let the 2.5 and the 5 spd tranny go for cheap. a few hundred bucks for both (canadian) if i can get it.

the tranny is hard shifting from 2nd to 3rd (gotta get the revs right)

i am so glad i'm swapping these out.

in other news i found a killer deal on a TPI FUEL INJECTION 305/350 sbc 1985/86 includes manifold, fuel rail, fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum has been ported and powder coated, ECM and distributor core.

is this hard to set up? what else am i gonna need to get the 305 running with this injection system?
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Old 08-26-2005, 09:12 PM   #9 (permalink)
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i picked up my TPI for the 305 today (shiny) and i get my xj-dana 44 next week

i'm leaning towards 35" tires now.
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