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School me on Tubing for bumpers/rock sliders

I've finally gotten off my butt and started fabbing on my truck instead of buying it from someone else and picked up 40' of 1 3/4" .120 wall tube from the only local supplier that carries it. When I asked what material it was made out of they told me that it was 252 or 8252 or something of that nature. I've only heard of HREW and DOM here on pirate and didn't find anything through searhing so I'm wondering if what I picked up is decent and will hold up. Also, what do you think about using smaller OD tubing for less critical areas? I'll be making some shock hoops too and was thinking of tying in the front bumber, shock hoops and rock sliders. What's the smallest OD and thinest wall tube you would recommend? Thanks for your help!
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No idea what kinda tubing that is but...........

Do you have a bender?? I'd get the die for pipe instead of tube

Use 2x2 for your sliders... x .25 thick

Why make shock hoops when the ford ones are so easy and cheap??
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The 1 3/4" x .120 should hold up just fine for rock sliders. Made mine out of 2" .120 HREW and even though scratched up, I haven't dented them yet. Yours is probably HREW, definately so if there is a dark line (seam) running the length of the tube, if it was DOM you would know it $$$$! My local supplier doesn't stock anything thicker than .120 in round tubing and for bumpers and body armor, anything thicker would probably just be unnecessary weight. Although, when it comes to large square tubing, i.e. 3"x5", for bumpers I do use .188 wall. As for shock hoops, I've been running the Ford hoops for a while now and they work great. I would reccomend these unless you're going for the look of tube hoops. Anything thinner than .120 has no business on the bottom side of a 4x4. Leave the thinner stuff for roof racks! If whatever you are building isn't structural, like body armor, use whatever OD you think looks best. If you are building critical parts like links or shock hoops take a look at what companies like Rancho or FabTech are using and make sure you can lay down some nice strong beads!! Hope this helps.
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hrew and dom refer to the process of how the steel is shaped into tube. 8252 is the grade of steel.
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