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Yesterday 10:54 PM
Diablo169 Well I've been sick but today after work I felt a little better so I tried to finish up my skid plate. I didn't finish it, but I got a good amount accomplished.

Here is the original cut out along with the piece I bent up on my new Swag Press Brake Entire skid is made out of 3/16" plate, and like everything else, it is pretty heavy

New cut to make room for the driveshaft.

I have no clue how I got this piece to fit so perfect on the first try.

All pieces tacked in. Not sure what I'm going to do with the oval holes

Here it is installed. I made spacers out of 1"x2"x.120 wall. they are sandwiched between the frame and skid. Spacing the Skid Plate down an inch allows me to lower the transmission and T-Case to give me a little better rear driveshaft angle. I can always remove them if I don't like them.

I changed to clocking on the case up a few degrees. I think I can drop it down to the next option and then end up with an even better front driveshaft angle.
Yesterday 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by NoTraffic View Post
great build...will def be keeping up on your progress

anxious to see your impressions/experience w/ the 5.9
Thank you. We'll see about the 5.9, I got an offer for the truck, as is, for $1,000 more than I paid for it. Not sure if I'm gunna sell it though because it is exactly what I've been looking for.

Originally Posted by over's tj View Post
Box/back tubes looks better now, although I thought it was real nice before.
Glad you're back working on it!
Thank you!
03-15-2015 06:42 PM
over's tj Forgot.. your parting out that Ram still, do have the left front turn/park light pod?
03-15-2015 06:40 PM
over's tj Box/back tubes looks better now, although I thought it was real nice before.
Glad you're back working on it!
03-15-2015 03:01 PM
NoTraffic great build...will def be keeping up on your progress

anxious to see your impressions/experience w/ the 5.9
03-14-2015 09:23 PM
Diablo169 Every once and a while something will just bug the hell out of me until I finish it. My most recent case was the rear of the buggy including the Tool Box. I really wanted to run the box, but didn't really like how it looked back there. So I decided to bring out the sawzall and cut the rear cross-member out to build an extension to better fit the box.

I frenched in the bend section of the rear into 2" square tubing in order to square off the trunk area of the Jeep. I ABSOLUTELY hated it! So much so I almost threw in the towel for the day. I hated how it looked being completely square.

So I did something I normally don't do, and I got a second opinion. The wifey really pulled through on this one. I showed her a few pics of my Jeep throughout the build, and then we went out to the garage and looked at it. within a minute she says, "If you don't like it square, why don't you just move it inward a few inches and cut a few inches off." Brilliant! Absolutely saved the day. Two hours later I accomplished exactly what she suggested. I think it came out awesome, and looks much better. I've been re-motivated!

Cross-Member that I removed.

Squared off, it doesn't look to bad in this pic, but I hated it.

Finished rear. Funny how suddle changes can make a big difference.

Not finished yet. Still needs bracing and to be welded up.

Also, I got a new welding helmet. My $39 HF helmet was taking a shit, and I got tired of seeing spots. Quite an upgrade going to the Lincoln K3034-2. Huge screen and four sensors I think I got a good deal $280 local out the door If not, it is still an awesome tool to have.
03-14-2015 09:23 PM
Originally Posted by sleepsontoilet View Post
Looks well thought out to me, nice mods. Curious how big of a pig it'll end up being.

I'll be happy if it comes in under 5k, minus trail gear. I figure I have 1000lbs of tires, probably around 1,300lbs of axles, and several hundred pounds of links. It's a trail beater so I figure a little extra strength is ok. Also, most of the bracing is .090 so a few pounds saved there, lol!
03-10-2015 11:31 PM
sleepsontoilet Looks well thought out to me, nice mods. Curious how big of a pig it'll end up being.
03-10-2015 09:38 PM
Diablo169 I got the smog stuff mounted. Man I'm glad I checked Hood clearance before I drilled the mounting holes for the EVAP Can. I was going to mount it horizontal above the brake master, but it contacted the Hood. So my fancy go fast looking bracket I made for it is now hidden

Everything is moving along pretty smoothly. I got a lot of things accomplished that I really didn't want to do. I'm almost ready to start plumbing some lines. Before that I need to finish the skid plate and Trans Mount.

Here is the upper Can/ LDP (Leak Detection Pump) mount. I notched it to clear the hoses. 3/16" Flat Bar should hold it, I hope.

Looking up. The fastest Charcoal Canister in the west!

Not sure why, but this pic makes everything look scattered. In person it looks well laid out. Everything can be removed without disturbing other componients
03-09-2015 09:04 PM
Diablo169 ^ Thank you!

I got the B pillar all finished up. Should be strong enough. (Awesome, Imgur now does Huge Thumbnails_

I also worked on the support for the pedal assembly. Not sure what went wrong, but my first attempt at Dimple Dies didn't go so well. I was trying it on 1/8". I think it was to thick, or the piece was to small. So I hammered it back flat, and welded it up. Still looks fast nonetheless

03-08-2015 07:29 AM
jeep09 following, nice progress
03-07-2015 09:48 PM
Diablo169 I got tired of working on the low reward stuff, electrical and smog. So I decided to cut and notch some tubing.

I've come to the realization that 80 Proof is going to roll, probably more than once. So, I wanted her to be able to take it like a rock bouncer. I'm not an engineer, though I do know a few. I figure a couple extra tubes won't hurt. I figure about 12 more small pieces and the cage should be done.

I can't believe my notcher is still working. Hurry up and DIE so I can buy a decent notcher!

First piece of tubing I've notched in over a year; I've still got it!

I added two bars on the lower area, and tacked one of the upper B Pillar support bars in.

03-01-2015 09:00 PM
Diablo169 Well, I've been plugging away at it. I really would like to get it going this year.

I've been working on the passenger side electronics: Firewall, Computer, Battery Tray, Fuse Box. It's pretty much all finished up. I set it up so the battery box bolts to the frame. That way if I decide to run dual batteries, or switch group size, all I do is unbolt the old, and bolt on the new.

Uppr half is 1/8" Plate, and don't ask me why, but I welded it on both sides. Lower half will either be sheet metal or aluminum.

Here you can see the Battery Tray, and on the firewall the holes for the computer.

Here are the tabs for the stock Fuse Box. I made tabs that hold it very sung. Once I drill holes in them the factory locking tabs will hold it in place.

All put together. Battery Box is from Ruff Stuff for an Odyssey or DieHard Group 78.

02-03-2015 08:49 PM
Diablo169 ^ Will do.

It is going to be hard parting it out. Donner truck is all original completely unmolested adult owned with brand new E rated Falken Tires, no leaks, no rust. Back in the day I really wanted one of these trucks.

I got some of the floor done tonight. I think I overcame a big obstacle. I was going back and forth on how I wanted the floor to be. Plan was to keep it simple, and I think I did just that. I should be able to cover the rear area with one sheet and have it sealed up enough to keep mud and splashes of water out.

Should be strong enough 1" .120

I clamped some angle iron to the tubing so that all pieces would line up on the same plane.

Now I either need to make a bunch of triangle tabs, or find a place that sells them cheap.
02-02-2015 10:36 PM
dspin Give me a call I could use some parts of that truck
02-02-2015 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by Diablo169 View Post
Couldn't help but bolt in the steering wheel and seat and make V-8 sounds...
I picked up a 2000 1500 4x4 with a 5.9. Truck is in decent shape minus the usual shitty Chrysler paint job. Truck runs good, minus the miss on #6. I plan to go trough the whole engine. Full engine rebuild kit is under $500 on Rock Auto. I also sourced 3 year warranty heads shipped for $175, incase the missfire is head related.

I'm going the 5.9 route for many reasons.
Truck has same CCD interface and will adapt easily to the existing TJ harness.
I won't have to make any changes to the fuel system.
Engines are cheap, parts are even cheaper.
And Hemi's arn't putting much more power to the ground than the 5.9's

In general I think the swap will be much simpler and cheaper than a Hemi or GM swap.

02-02-2015 09:46 AM
TN-D90 That toolbox idea is killer, If it wasn't so much work to move my fuel cell up I would love to do the same exact thing
02-01-2015 08:42 PM
Diablo169 Well I'm glad I started laying everything out. It's been so long that I forgot what I have already purchased. Looks like I have almost everything to complete the plumbing. Except I can't find the factory Fuel Pump It's got to be somewhere!

When I get everything plumbed I'll put down all the part numbers. Even though this is basically a buggy, I'm still trying to keep it Ca legal, so other TJ owners can benefit from some of the things I'm doing.

Couldn't help but bolt in the steering wheel and seat and make V-8 sounds...

01-25-2015 07:44 PM
Diablo169 I worked a little on cargo options. I bought a Buyers under body truck box. Happens to fit absolutely perfect! Idea is to have easy access to tools and recovery gear. box is a little heavy at 40lbs, but I think the trade off to easy access is worth it. 30" wide 14" high, 16"deep.

This go around on the TJ I want easy access to everything. No more unloading everything in order to get to commonly accessed items.

I might mount recessed taillights to the door, not sure yet

24gal action packers fit perfectly behind the seat. I'll strap them down individually for easy removal. Also cooler access is simple. For bigger trips I might add a rear cargo carrier for fuel and a bigger cooler.

There is still some good room between the Buyers box and the fuel cell, I'll store spare fluids and parts there.
01-25-2015 07:23 PM
Diablo169 ^ Thanks! Nothing better than Pirate motivation.

I actually got some stuff done today. Without tubing or a welder (brother borrowed it) I figured I'd jump back into things slowly. I decided to fit the hood, or at least ruff it in. A little time consuming, I'm not sure if there is a trick to it or not. My method was sharpie, flap disc, sharpie, flap disc, repeat.

It came out pretty good. I like the raked look Note, the grill is at the factory TJ location. Things are a little deceiving, the fender tubing is much higher than the factory fenders. I might drop the hood down a little, but for now I think it looks good.

01-24-2015 08:36 PM
jbh97009 You do some amazing work! This is one of my favorite builds, I've been watching it since the beginning! Can't wait to see how it comes out!!
01-24-2015 08:17 PM
Diablo169 SOLD!

Just kidding. I got my garage pretty much ready to go with new wiring and lots of wall receptacles. Most importantly 220 sockets on all walls. (Garage Build Thread Here). So today is the first day since I moved it, that I actually started messing with things.

I think I'm going to start with finishing the floor, and then finishing the Transmission mount. Those two things have been bugging me for awhile now. I need to get some more 1x1 tubing however.

I have almost everything I need to finish up, I just need time, but more importantly motivation
01-01-2015 08:24 PM
MichaelMaxim Subscribed. My TJ is in the process of a 18" total stretch, comp cut, coilovers, kingpin 60/14B swap and some others. Now after seeing this I have a few more ideas, lol. Great work and keep the updates coming!
12-30-2014 02:13 PM
over's tj Updates?
04-14-2014 10:04 PM
Diablo169 ^^ Thank you

^ No Prob

13' R/T with Track Pack. 3.92 Posi Rear, Tremec TR-6060 Trans and whatever Dodge means by sport steering and sport suspension?
I told myself at 10k miles its getting supercharged, but that might be awhile, its 15 months old and only has 3,300 miles on it.

Thanks Kaely for the pics!

This one is just an iPhone pic.
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