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Help! Nissan Pathfinder SE

Hi all... I have a 94 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 SE model. Just recently I'm getting problems with power. From a complete stop (especially up hill), I can put the pedal to the metal and my truck will barely move! Once it gets going it's ok, but now as powerful as it used to be. I also notice my gas mileage sux now and seems like it's running a little rich. Going up hill, it doesn't shift into "Power" mode either... Anyone know what might be the problem????
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Auto? Trans slipping...
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How well does it idle?
Trans slipping due to worn bands in the auto, or clutch not gripping due to glaze or wear.

Does it do this all the time, or only in 4wd?

Check plugs for gunk, inspect wires, cap and rotor for wear and corrosion, check fuel filter flow, and maybe injector pressure. Also verify your compression on the cylinders. An SE should have the KA24E, right? How many miles on the motor?

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with it being 94 and auto it should have a vg30 one thing common on them for loss of power and mileage is the little rubber hose on the injector rail on the front of the motor will start to leak a little bit and loose fuel pressure. But it sounds like you may have a tranny problem to me
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