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Target Stand?

so I need to build a target stand, anyone got any good designs I can steal?

Also I need some way to catch bullets I guess, there is really nothing out there to actually hit besides some trees, but I'd like to not put too much lead into the environment. Since I don't own a gun I'll only be throwing the bullets but ya know I don't want the deer to eat my lead untill I mean for them to.
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I build stuff
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1" PVC 6 90* elbows and 4 Ts.

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just do not shoot your pistol target stand with rifle rounds....

get ahold of # 2 grade rXr ties. and back them up with dirt.

built the ties up to six feet tall (stack like lincolin logs) and pile up dirt to the rear and sides of this. no bullet will pass through.
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Use 1/2" or 3/4" PVC, scheduale 40, you dont need bigger pipe. Dont use thinwall pvc, it flexes to much in the wind & breaks very easy when cold. Ive been making them this way for 25 yrs.

For basic simplicity you only need 2 elbows and 2 tees for your pipe.

Dont forget 2 chunks of rebar/round stock cut to 18", pound into ground and slide the legs over them. Dont glue any of the joints so you can change out the parts you will eventually put a bullet through. Simple & very light!
I make the opening 24x24, cut a chunk of wood or cardboard you have to fit said opening, drill 4 holes in corners, wire to pvc frame, that way you have a hard mount to staple targets to.

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I use "old" metal frames that hold the house for sale signs the realtors use. I would replace the sign with "thermax" builders foam. Its easy to push roofing nails into to hold your targets. They dont take up much space and are easy to push into the ground.
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I'd build the backstop and frame as one piece. Stack Logs in long sections 6-20" log cabin style w/endcaps to catch any richotes. Then push dirt behind to lock it in for all eternity.

Put rebar or something hang targets.
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I made one out of an old hurdle from the high school running track down the road from my house. It's adjustable for height
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I use 1x3" lumber and some steel square for the base.

I . I
I . I
I . I
I . I

The feet of the targets slide into the 2 steel X bases that have holes drilled out for staking(windy conditions).

The target area has cardboard/plyboard for attaching targets.

Bulky but mobile since I don't like to shoot at the local range
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