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inexpensive TSA approved hardcase

are those doskosport cases TSA approved? my google-fu is weak today. other options?

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In a quick spot. I just bought the $20 deal from wally mart. It had spots for locks on it and it passed through no problem. I think it just has to have locks on it.

I felt like an ass having 2k in a $20 carrier though.
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Not 5S compliant
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Originally Posted by Mo View Post
are those doskosport cases TSA approved? my google-fu is weak today. other options?
I think so, but I have a rifle one and they're not real impressive, and TSA regs now say that if the case can be easily pried open, it won't pass. It has five padlock holes, and if you regard drifting out unprotected hinge pins as "easily", I could "easily" have that case empty in five minutes even with five padlocks on it. If you assume that the hinge is "secure", then a minimum of three padlocks are needed (both corners plus in the middle of the handle) to make the case remotely close to secure. Part of the problem is how flexible the plastic is--makes it unlikely to be damaged itself, but it doesn't protect well against crushing, bending, or prying. I'm also fairly confident that with a box cutter and a couple good blades, I wouldn't even need to drift the hinge pins, I could probably just slice the case wall out and have the contents.

Pelican cases stomp the hell out of nearly everything else out there, IMO, but their pricetag is substantial too. I want one, and truthfully, $200 for a case that nice, is a deal, but I just don't "need" one badly enough to spend that kind of cash on it yet.

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I've flown with super-cheap cases before, but I usually use an older SKB case that I picked up at a good deal. It works great and was a lot cheaper than a nice pelican.
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I used a $30 RedHead case I picked up at Bass Pro.

A minute with a screwdriver would probably defeat it easily, but it worked fine. The counter people barely glanced the case. I probably could have used tupperware with a padlock clipped to it if I had wanted.

Flew last month with my Glcok 19 on Delta/Northwest. Print out the TSA regs, and the airlines regs. Highlight the part where the 'unloaded firearm' tag goes on the OUTSIDE of the locked case... Everybody thought it went inside. What the hell is the point of putting a tag inside of a case no one can open?

Also highlight the part about where ammo can go.

I field-stripped the gun and had the barrel lying seperately in the case. The counterperson stil asked if it was unloaded. And again if I was certain. Probably not a firearm enthusiast.

The tag is just a slip of paper. Next time, I'm sticking a few 6" long pieced of tape to the case that I can peel up, and use to hold the tag to it. My tag was just lying on the case inside of my bag.

Any other questions?
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I have a Winchester 2-pistol hardside case that I travel with. I paid $40 for it 5 years ago, and have never had a problem. It has an integral combo lock too.
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Mo rifle or pistol?
I have a case for both if you want to borrow.

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Originally Posted by aloharover View Post
Mo rifle or pistol?
I have a case for both if you want to borrow.
rifle, but I'm not sure I'll have a chance to get down there - I'm flying Friday. Thanks for the offer though.
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Bringing this to the top.

So I read through the TSA regs and it more or less confirms the experiences here with no true benchmark for cases. I emailed flamabeau to see if they had any better confirmation but no reply yet.

Any restrictions on hw may firearms I can cram into one case?

Should this case be good? By the post above it seems so; really don't want to shell out anything for a new one.
Flambeau 6499 Case: Double Gun Case

• Four locking points for extra security built into the Flambeau 6499 case
• The Flambeau 6499 case has a combination of piano style hinges and brass hinges to provide durability, safety and protection
• 6499 oversized double wall, will accommodate two scoped rifles
• Flambeau 6499 includes durable convolute (egg-crate) foam
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