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Post front grille

hey, will an 87 grille fit on an 88.5 zuk? i know they are a little bit different, but i found one at the boneyard today for pretty cheap and still has the "SUZUKI" emblem on it. if it doesn't fit, does anyone have one laying around or know a place to get one?
thanks guys-justin
it'll be done in two weeks...HAHA
(oh shit, i said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud)

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I have both an 87 and 88.5 sanurais and by the looks of it i THINK it will fit, but why would you get the 87 grill???? they are flat behind the lights
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You can make the grilles exchange, but it is not a "bolt-in" deal. The mounting bolts are in deifferent places. I swapped an early model grille into my 88.5, too <IMG SRC="smilies/grinpimp.gif" border="0">

I made new mounting tabs.
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