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zuk buildup ?s, 33's no lift toy axles

zuk buildup ?s, 33's no lift toy axles

new to the zuk world, i've been in the wheelin community for about 4-5 years. i used to wheel my ford bronco on 35's wit no lift, recently junked my bronco because it was pretty much shot,

the plans for my build up are goin to be,

:sammi base platform
:4 to 1 t-case
:toy axles
:spool rear
:some type of locker limited slip
:lower diff gears to keep it streetable on the freeway
:snorkle and a stack to keep water out's the engine
:completly waterproof interior with drain holes in the floor,
:leafspring front,
:leafspring rear, possibly a coil sprung setup with 2 ford 79 style radious arms mounted backwards, but most likely leafs for now
: warn 8K winch
:tube front bumper

my questions are

what year is the best to get, FI or carb
do i really need toy axles or how much meat can stock zuk axles hold.

the terrain i wheel is mostly mud and off camber trails along wit some general trail riding, im not really concerned wit Hp and torque cause i figured the stock engine wit a 4;1 t-case should be enough to keep them tires spinnin.

any feedback, pictures, advice is greatly excepted

flame away, its also tuesday
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Zuk axles are hard pressed when 33" tires are on there.
Still with yota axles good up to 40" tires. I say pick up some 456 gears. good for street and 4x4ing and stick with 33" tires.
Add rear springs up front for more flex. cutt off the "c" clamps on the back springs to get more flex.
add a pony carb for no hesitation on hills ect.
power steering would be nice. Sidekick??
older zuks are card. '88.5 have feed back carbs.. '91=fuel injection
are you doing some fender triming to fit the tires?

good luck on the build.
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Welcome Newbie

I think the "h" key is broken on your keyboard. You might want to check it out.

So you've been wheeling for 4-5 years and you don't know if you should get a carb or EFI? EFI is always better. Carbs suck and Pony carbs suck more, so forget that suggestion. Sorry Lil' lucifer, but they do suck.

I don't know what your cash flow is like, but if you can afford an engine swap you should add it to your plans. The stock 1.3s are gutless and I see you mentioned freeway. A 1.6 is more suited to a Samurai and an 8 valve 1.6 can be swapped in for pretty cheap.

If you're never going to swap the motor then look for an EFI model. They typically cost more though. If you want more power (who doesn't?) and you think you'll do an engine swap then get a carbed Samurai. There's no point paying a premium for a fuel injected 1.3 if you're not going to use it.

Do yourself a favour and go with the Toyota axles right away too. If you keep this rig for 4-5 years like the last rig you had, you'll be wanting the toy axles soon enough. Stockers won't hold up to 35s for long. You'll regret spending money on lockers for the stock axles.

Do a lot of reading here and make a good plan. Don't ask stupid questions on this forum though. You have to do the research yourself. To search the forums you have to buy a red star or use google.

To use google add "site:www.pirate4x4.com" to the end of your search so it only searches this site. Don't include the quotation marks though.

Good luck. Everything you might want to know about Samurais has been discussed here before and with some creative searching you can find whatever you need to know.
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Well, the setup you listed looked good.
Stock axles are fine up to 31s. Some say they run 33s on them without problems, I wouldn't particularly with lockers. Go with the Toyota's to begin with, as you'll go to them sooner or later.

I'm running 4.38s gears and it does fine on the highway, as a dd, though I have to downshift on big hills. 4.56s would do you better if it's going to be more off road.

Your gonna have to do some major trimming with no lift and 33s.
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Old 04-12-2007, 02:19 PM   #5 (permalink)
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I like the idea, but I think you'll have to extend the wheel base up front to keep the tires off off the cab. Should only need a couple of inches though. I had a similar setup; 4.38's (stock 80-82 toy), 33's. It was great in the mud. I didn't have t-case gears and I was spoa with a 1.6 8v though. I think the extra power of the 1.6 made the diference with mine. Something to consider for the future. If you kept it low, I think it would help out tremendously on the highway. In fact I got so tired of the gutless nature of the 1.3 in my DD that I put the 1.6 in it and put a 22r in my off road sammy. I should say that I also mostly wheel in the mud. So, I think as you go along you will find that most sammy owners/wheelers end up swapping in a more powerful engine.

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to fit 33s stock spring under you have no idea how much your going to have to cut
gonna have to stretcht the wheelbase so yah dont snap an axle rubbin into the firewall
axles.....both will work, toyotas will work better because there wider, wich will help shovin that kinda tire on spring under, samurais will work becuase you wont get that much tracion becuase spring under sucks and dosent flex so yah wont grab traction
and i think i covered the basics...

and ohh yea spring under sucks ass
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I run stock axles with stock gearing spools front and rear and 33x12.5s with a sping under, almost no fender trimming and the tires only rub on the springs. It flexes decent only thing I woulg want is lower gears.
Tin Top, spring over, 33-12.5s, custom bumpers, 9500 winch.
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