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Old 01-27-2009, 06:15 PM   #126 (permalink)
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jack from florida, 94 tracker, 30 inch tires, 2 inch coil spacers, home made t case skid, rebuilt trans, manual torque converter lock, duel e brake, working on O2 injection. Do most of my wheeling out west. dat all i know
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Checking in for Ventura County!!!


New to the forum. Purchased a 1988.5 Samurai about two weeks ago.

The Goods:
31in Xterrian
Missing Links all the way around
Rear springs all the way around
Transfer Case Gears
W. Hubs and fuses
Stainless Steal Lines
And .....

Looking forward to getting back into the offroad scene and meeting new friends.
Would post pic's but don't know how??

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Stu from MD

Picked up a zukish buggy.

Engine, Tranny, T-Case
1985 22re
L45 4spd from an 82 toyota minitruck
Toy T-cased with trail gear dual case adapter, 21 spline, 4.7 gears in rear case
rear is a lengthened 85 DC front minitruck shaft, with an fj60 slip yoke, front is a lengthened fj60 front driveshaft

front - widened fj60 housing, plus ifs wheel bearing hub bodies, taco brake rotors, fj60 calipers, kong's highsteer arms, 5th stud and tied into the steering stop bolt, 1ton chevy tie rod and drag link, 4.88's and aussie locker, longfield 30 spline front shafts and birfs, chromo drive flanges with 6 dowel pins, cut and turned knuckles, marlin HD shaft seals, trail-gear knuckle gussets and rock rings, rebuilt in the spring, 65" wms-wms
rear - 94 fj80 full float axle, 4.88's, aussie locker, stock 30 spline shafts, ARP hub studs, fj80 disc brakes

front - spring over, stock fj40 springs, shackle reversal, 12" travel shocks
rear - minitruck rear springs, custom anti-wrap bar with johnny joint, 14" travel shocks, suck-down winch, u-boltless spring plates

fj60 powersteering box, ott industries flat pitman arm, big cooler, psc hydro-assist ram and pump, synthetic fluid
This is a picture after it was finished being built.

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Old 02-01-2009, 05:51 PM   #129 (permalink)
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Sorry, must've missed the point of "Check in" in my tired stupor.

I'm most certainly a type 1 right now, working on becoming a type 2. Engine's sitting in the garage, waiting for the rest of the stuff.

Are pics normal here? I can get some if they are... But it's nothing special.

So yes, I'm checking in. Sorry about that mishap.
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Patrick from Minnesota and ive been on here for a while just thought i would check in.

1988 suzuki samurai
welded rear
6.5:1 tcase
31x11.50 ltbs

rig#2 needs work
samurai buggy
rro coil kit
yotas arb front welded rear
38" tsls
trail ready beadlocks
full hydro.
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Old 02-02-2009, 03:35 PM   #131 (permalink)
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Rick from OZ

LWB Vit Calmini everything on 31"s

Also developing a full bodied comp SWB Vit was on 325/50 R15 Mudders (31") now on 35" and sticking with IFS

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Well I guess I should post up in here before posting in Zuk land

So hey I am new but only to Zuk's as I just picked one up 2 weeks ago and it's a rolling add for TT but I hate the old man emu springs as they seem very stiff so that will need to change.
There is nothing better than being on the trail
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Old 02-04-2009, 04:45 PM   #133 (permalink)
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Checkin in here, Jerry from Sacramento California

Got a 86 Sammy
a little trail dammage
stock tcase
4" lift
32x11.5 on off set rock crawlers... heres a couple pics

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Just checking in. Richard from Hood River Oregon.
I have an 87 samurai with a spring over, lockrights front and rear, and a lil extra horsepower squeezed outta the 1.3. I love it. Im collecting parts for the big teardown/rebuild in about a year I think. The waiting to build stage sucks!

Edit: Still haven't done a teardown/rebuild. Installed 6.5 t case gears, on board air, winch, Myside carb, and have just been wheeling the piss out of it. I am really close to buying a sidekick and going for the 16v, kick trans, shogun, sammy case setup.
Attached Images

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Thumbs up new to zuks

hey checking in my name is Tim Smart i am from winnipeg manitoba canada

I have a 87 tintop
Lots of major mods on the way i will let you all no how it goes at the end of the month
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Old 02-15-2009, 08:21 PM   #136 (permalink)
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Checkin' In

Hey guys I guess I've never actually checked in. So sorry but I've only posted a few times.

Anyways I guess I'd be a Type 2 to a Type 4 Samurai owner. I had a '88 with a SPOA and 32's and lockers but am currently building a '87 Tintop with 39" iroks and front 3 link with a leafspring rear setup for some nice articulation. Using the stock 1.3 with a 6.5 transfercase, 5.29s spooled rear and a detroit in the front.
Attached Images
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Old 02-16-2009, 11:35 AM   #137 (permalink)
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Just joined up-Jon from central NH. I run an '86 Samurai
with 5" Calmini spring under and rear lock rite. Right now type 1 rig but headed for type 4 I suspect. Been wheeling for years but have only had the Suzuki for 9 months and I'm hooked.

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Old 02-19-2009, 10:35 PM   #138 (permalink)
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Checking in been reading for years finally got fast internet and decided to start posting and post some pics. Here is my Tin Top one linked yota axles, 2 stock sami T-cases, Hydraulic Steering, 36" IROKs

If you have parts left over, you constructed it more efficiently than the designer intended
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Old 02-26-2009, 08:25 PM   #139 (permalink)
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just bought my first samurai
1987 4x4 soft top
home made shackles and add-a-leaf

looking to do YJ springs, SOA, and missing link shackles.

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Old 02-27-2009, 11:05 AM   #140 (permalink)
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Sorry I should have done this before I started

My name is Jason I am from Hendersonville, TN. I bought this little buggy a couple weeks ago. I have always had Jeeps on 1 tons and big tires. I hate to say but I was very skeptical that a Samurai could hang with a built Jeep. Well after several trial runs I have become a believer. Here is the link to some pics http://zookdoggsamipics.shutterfly.com/ It is 1994 samurai stock fuely 1.3 litre stock trany 6.5to1 trail tough t-case gears toyota axles with 4.37 gears, longfield super 30 front axles detroit front, full spool rear, disc rear, cutting brake, rear driveshaft disconnect for front dig, trail tough rok-blok, new oem clutch and cable, 4-link front and rear, walker evans 14" travel nitro shocks front and rear, 37/12.5/17 BFG krawlers red label, 17 x 9 allied aluminum beadlock wheels, 1.75 x .120 dom cage, front and rear winches. Thats just a quick description.
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Old 02-27-2009, 02:49 PM   #141 (permalink)
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gday i am peter, live in the top bit of Australia. thats where no people live.
this is my sierra i think they are called a samurai every where else.
it is spring under with a mix of calmini and ome springs
front and rear lockrights
31" silverstone extremes
6.5 trans gears
small rear mount winch
bent up ARB bull bar. it is nearly impossible to drive at night without hitting animals here.
all the normal bits and pieces that need to be done.
oh and i painted it in glow in the dark paint.
when i bought it

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Old 02-27-2009, 06:51 PM   #142 (permalink)
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Ever progressing..cj/ruf spoa welded rear lock right front. 34x10.5 ltb's got some trussed shaved plated axles with cromos waiting to go under it. 6.4 rock crusher tcase. spidertrax arms. just got my bilstein 5150's and towers. Power steering waiting to go on. 2" body lift just came in yesterday. 1.3 still. it a daily driver also.

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Old 03-02-2009, 08:44 AM   #143 (permalink)
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OK, guess my turn.. I am Dave from Russellville Ar. been wheelin forever in Early Bronc's landcruisers, and yea.. heeps, so this is my first attempt at a zuk..bought it pretty stock from a friend who had a calmini lift and 31's so sold that stuff went 6.5 case, front and rear 5.29 detroit lockered yotas 30 sp longs, 36x12.5 tsl's. . YJ's for now anyway. I plan a wheelbase stretch in the not to distant future but gonna stay full body as possible. just tryin for a good solid trail rig that will crawl some.... pic is its first easy shakedown trip out of the garage.

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My name is Jim (loveofjazz on the Zu, ZK, Izook and countless other places), and I'm a Zuk-A-Holic.

I have an '87 tin top JX stocker SPUA w/ Calmini shackle-reverse and lifted rear shackles on 235's (type 1). This has been an awesome rig. Fun to drive on-road and off-road.
...trading this one off next month...

...and I also have my trail rig/DD...a type 2 '87 soft top
- SPOA on 31's & stock 1.3 engine with 4.16 t-case gears, twin-stick, front cage, rock rails, and a Breeze Ind half hi-steer
- by summer she'll have 33's, CJ front spring's in rear/rear springs up front, 4.30 diff gears, Tracker hybrid rear axle, Mercedes arm full hi-steer and a 1.6 8 valve engine.

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I'm Patrick from The Netherlands.
I own a LJ50, LJ80Q, LJ80V, SJ410 TinTop, SJ413K and two Samurai's.

I use my TinTop Samurai for offroading and my other Samurai for racing.

Specs of my Samurai's.

The orange one:
Tracker 1600 8v engine with twin Webers and custom made camshaft

The Grey TinTop:
Swift 1600 16v engine, Tracker box, 5.14 T-case gears, Warn Winch, axles: heavy duty birfs and shafts, disc brakes, Tracker R&P's, ARB lockers etc.

This year I want to add air shocks with a 3 or 4 link system and a front tube clip.
I'm also planning to dovetail the rear.

Finally a picture of my 1970 Bedford and LJ50.
I use the Bedford to transport some of my Suzuki's.

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Old 03-08-2009, 09:50 PM   #147 (permalink)
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Hi all! This is My first Samurai. Level 1 Bone stock. I just bought her a few days ago. Im Looking forward to building an extremely reliable Daily driver that can take on easier trails. A little about me. I Race off road Subarus in Nor. Ca rally X series and love everything with an engine. I cant wait to hit some trails and meet some awesome Samurai owners!

My Racecar

My Sammi! 1987 Tin top. Night I bought her.
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Mike here from fresno, CA. Just getting into the scene. Looking to buy a samurai.
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Send a message via AIM to 92 Green YJ Send a message via Yahoo to 92 Green YJ
Hey guys, over from the Jeep side. Have and been wheeling my 92 YJ for years and Now am in the process of getting my girl into wheeling. Shes a small girl so we decided a Sidekick would be perfect for her so we Just picked up a used 92 Sidekick JX with an Auto trans (she can't drive stick) and 43k miles on the clock. I don't know too much about them but I know plenty about Jeeps. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty guiding and teaching my girl how to wrench and wheel her little Kick.
92 Jeep Wrangler.
RE 4" Lift, AR 767s with DIY Beadlocks, 35"x12.50" Xterrains, OBA, BTF Tube Fenders, BTF Comp Cut Corners, AA SYE, CV shaft, Warn M8000, Flow Kooler, MSD 6, 8.8 with ARB, , too much to list.
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Hello! I'm from Uruguay but I live in Costa Rica and have been for the last 16 years. I've got a 88' tintop sami Type2 that is a DD. 31's, SPOA, Sj410 transfer and 4.62 diffs. Some other little things as well but I rather just put some pics.

With 285/75R16 tires

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