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Originally Posted by tikka308 View Post
Wayne - can you attach or send a photo of your plumbing with the dryer between the compressor and the tank?

Does anyone have details on how (per the manual) to "adjust the hot gas bypass valve" which the manual specifically says it doesn't cover how to do?
I don't have one, but I know I've posted one in here somewhere talking about it...
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Does anyone have the secret code?

I'm lame and have never signed up for the newsletter
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Originally Posted by jatepper View Post
Not tryong to hijack- have any of you had freezing issues with your HF dryer? Did you have to make any adjustments. Seems if my dryer runs for a while, the air flow will dramitically decrease. According to the owners manual, that is because the internals are freezing.
I would think you might check the Freon also if it's freezing up. I have a 10 year old Kaeser High Temp 3 in 1 dryer that's been restricting air flow after a period of time and I noticed one of the low side lines is frosting up which means the Evaporator is probably freezing up too and restricting air flow. These things are nothing more than a small AC system so if it's freezing up it could be low on Freon. I have a friend who's in the Commercial Refrigeration business coming out to check mine.
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What is the relative humidity coming out?

Hi Guys, I've been experimenting with desiccant air dry chemicals and am trying to get compressed air that's as dry as possible. I've seen the RH down to about 17% at about 17C/62F with calcium chloride. But I'm thinking to invest in one of these dryers. Does anyone know what the RH is coming out of the unit at about 17C or other temp?

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Got my HF air dryer yesterday, I thought that if I ordered it overnight it wouldn't get beat up going ground. Boy was I wrong. It was all beat to hell. Screws pulled through on the top which makes the front looks like it is going to fall off.
I managed to put everything back together and wire it up. You would think this thing would come with a power cord. Powered up at least. I didn't finish connecting all the air lines, we will see if everything works tonight.
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