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lifting a 85 2wd f350

i'm not sure if this belongs here or in the tow rig section, but i'm getting a 85 2wd f350 with a carbed 460 to tow my jeep. i would like it to sit on about 33" all-terrains. i think i need about 4" of lift right? is there anything different from the ttb coil sprung f150/250/350s? what about a 4x4 ttb f150?
what would you guys recomend? this thing is gonna be mainly my tow rig and pismo wheeler.
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check and see if fabtech makes a lift, I got a fabtech kit on my 00 chevy silverado 2wd, it sits on 285 BFG's and looks just like a 4x4.
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If that's a 2wd, wouldn't that be Twin I Beam instead of Twin Traction Beam?

BTW, couldn't you just put 33's on the rear as it sits now?

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i have a 86 F150 2wd. i have a Dick Ceek 6" suspension lift and 3" body lift. it is sitting on 35" BFG's. while i dont think that Dick Cepek is around anymore, i am sure that there are several companies that make lifts for your truck. i would avoid any lift that requires drop brackets for the Twin I-Beam. i think you can get a 2" suspension lift that is just coils....and then put a body lift on it. unlike chevys, the frame of fords do not hang low so a body lift does not look shitty.
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I've got 33's on the back on my stock '88 F250. It almost looks doable on the front also, but not sure I haven't tried. 32's on the front
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