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[B]315/75/16 on a Dually??[/B]

i would like ot run 315/75/16 tires on my CTD dually and i was wondering what kind of wheel spacer you would need to run these tires on stock rims.
does anyone know where i can find a roughly 35" tire that is a little narrower. size and brand would be greatly appreciated.
here is the thread to my new tow rig.

97 tj sport project.... mostly plans....
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I know i already posted this response and i know you may not want to hear it but spacers are a pain between dual wheels and if you tow the studs strength and your loading ability is lessend by spacers and spacers will be needed to run 35's. what happens is in dual application the inside sidewalls touch when a load is pushing doan on the tires and this results in the heat that blows em out.

The best bet for towing and getting mileage with the 12v is 3.54's, a 5spd or 6spd, 6 spd makes a world of diffence in heavy hauling as it has the right mid gear shift points and 235/85's or with the right wheels in the rear i have successfully run 285/75 16s and 255/75 16's all around without rubbing but after those sizes the widths become too much to account for with most affordable wheel combinations. the rpms are about right with those three tires for running 55-65 mph in direct and then pulling 1800 rpm at 65 down the highway in od.

Weight wise i used to haul with a 12v cummins all around the country with a 24's goosenecka nd second ballhitch behind that and could gross 33k lbs
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