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Tow rig tire question.....

I have an '00 F250 that I previously used for alot of dirt work around various job sites. To be functional in that respect it at one point had 37's tires (although currently only 35's) with no lift (clearenced fenders) and 4.88 gears. New tires are necessary. The truck no longer needs an M/T or A/T, but taller tires are needed to counter act the the 4.88 gears.

So ultimately what I would like to find is an extremely mild treaded (quiet / long wearing) tire that is 35-37 inches tall, will fit a 16" rim, and is not to incredibly expensive. Any thoughts?

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Nitto terra grappler
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Nitto terra grappler
x2 That is what I have.
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Cooper ATR, they have a 315/75/16 thats 34.5" tall, I run them in the 285 size and like them, may not be as tall as you need though.

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I just put Toyo Open Country A/T's on my tow rig, I think they make quite a few sizes in the 16" variety, I am running 17" wheels and went with the 355/70R17 size and they balanced out very well, and run great going down the highway and are very quiet.

Oh yeah, and they were $274 a tire, which were some of the cheapest A/T's I could find.

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Coyote A/P in 305/85R16 10/E ?
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