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Truck tool box modification ideas

I looking at building a truck tool box. The idea is to have a light service box to do field work and a place to lock up a few things. The truck is my tow rig and daily driver. I have several tool bags I want to put together. One electrical, one general hand tools, one power tools, etc. to keep in the box.

Starting with a Weather Guard steel chest style box. In my experience these are some of the toughest boxes around. I want something that is stylish and weather tight, but most importantly going to keep the thieves at bay. Obvious if someone REALLY wants in it nothing is going to stop them.

I want to mount a Extreme Outback air compressor in one end. The air compressors are heavy duty and need to be wired in with heavy cable. Since I am running the cables I thought I would install a quick connect for some jumper cables, mount a light in the lid, mount a light into the bed, install some tie down hooks on the outside corners.

I have a Hi-Lift Jack in the cab behind the seat right now. I am thinking about mounting it to the inside wall of the box.

Everything will be welded in with proper brackets. Once everything is done I am going to have the outside Line-Xed.

I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Any suggestions on things I should/shouldn't add? I want to spend some time and think this out to come up with a convenient and functional chest.

Onboard air.
Tool box.
Model 685-3-01 All-Purpose Chest - Steel - White (Bottom of the page)
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Check out fauxwheeler's firey redhead build, they did a toolbox w/ extreme ouback compressor, etc.

However, the extreme outback compressor is pretty expensive for what it does.

MAXair4.0 is the same compressor for a bit cheaper:
I got mine with 2.5 gal tank from $400
3/4hp 100% duty cycle 4.0cfm

Also, search for the Puma 12v air compressor it also has similar performance for ~$200
Buzzard Gulch on e-bays sells them comes with a 1.5 gal tank it has everything self contained, pressure switch, tank, etc all things you would have to add to a stand alone compressor.

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That Puma compressor looks pretty cool.
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build it double-wall construction, and use the void space between the walls for an air tank.
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Maybe a big inverter to run some of the non air tools?
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Power invertor, air compressor, air tank.

Protected, dry, and secure

For the tools, I do the same thing.
I was aiming towards buying a big garage toolbox and then realized that I couldn't move them away from the house without a PITA.

I now have 4 good size toolboxes and several GI mechanics bags.

If I need more than that I will haul a tuff box.
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I came across these. Cool idea but way to pricy for me.
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