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2007 FJ 6mt Driveline Q.

Bought a 07 fj back in November, needed a more family friendly vehicle. I wasnt about to buy one with an automatic trans, I was imbetween the 5 spd and the 6spd.. in the end we ended up with a silver FJ with a 6 spd. We are really happy with it, works well for the kids, and is a compact unit that just flat out works in stock form......modifications will come later

So the 6spd and 5spd models are an AWD option. Handling is great, and the traction is great, even in icy/snowy conditions. I have no complaints. Ive heard others not liking the AWD option and trying to get 2wd.. this can be done by swapping an automatic taco case? or?
I was just thinking about it today.. couldnt you just use a driveline disconnnect (of some sort) on the front output/shaft, or do these cases act like a "differential" and just spin the front output if the front driveline was "disconnected"?
Im not about to try it, just thinking how others could achieve it.
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I'm not sure how the AWD is set up, I think it is pretty funky compared to the standard 4wd set up. I would be curious to know.
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I have a 6MT and used to have AWD. Until I installed my lefty. The Auto tranny FJCs have a disconnect in the front that disengages the front drive line. Most refer to this as the ADD. The MT FJCs do not have this. So if you install a Lefty or an Atlas, then your front drive is still spinning just no power to it unless you shift into 4WD.

I have been looking for some sort of manual locking hubs to prevent the front from turning, I have not yet been successful. I guess I'll just get a Dana 60 with manual hubs instead.
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Now you're talking.

By the way, I found a 6.0L SB that had been burned (not sure how the hell it's possible for the top end of a diesel to burn as this did) and tearing into (shop, not me, as I'm sure we all know) it to see if it's worth swapping the new turbo, new HP oil pump, and new heads, and all the other new shit I bought before the rod got jiggy with it.

If its a no go, I'm scrapping the damn thing. Just an FYI.

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