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flamesuit is on-V8 is coming out

I did not encourage this, but I've got to admit I don't mind. This is the third time I've been asked to pull a V-8 and put a 6 back in.

Owner wants to know what he can expect to get for his tbi and ecm. Motor seems to run fine. If there are some things I should look for to help ID the donor, give me a clue.
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Originally Posted by lc tpi
...if I have to buy them from Trail Gear I guess I dont need them.

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people i sold my cruiser to threw the extra v8 on ebay that i sold them it was a 92 camaro motor with tpi and all the advanca adapters and they only got 3 something for it on ebay
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Is that actually a temp sensor on the water pump?
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the injection is worth more than the motor i think... the heads if they are not cracked are worth more than the bottom end.. question is who gets rid of it? you or them? what are they hopeing to get?

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mark let me know what kind of price i may be interested. and did you get a steering box from simon yet
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Put me in line also - no idea of a fair price but would like to have a shot at it. Thanks
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I bought a running 350 tbi out of a 93 blazer with 145k last year for $200. Chopped harness, but I did get the ecu. Then I decided to keep the 2f. At least my engine stand isn't naked.
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where are the acc. brackets? and where is the alt? post another pic mark.

i've seen tbi motors go for anywhere from $400-1000 depending on how complete and how many miles were on them.
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I paid $800 for an 89TBI Th400(newly rebuilt) NP241 complete with everything including harness and ecm with 70,000 miles. (gave away the np241, to some lucky bastard, just kidding, you know who you are)

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