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Old 12-31-2002, 07:11 AM   #151 (permalink)
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well I guess I will jump in here. I am Luke, in Crossville, TN, have a Taco as a DD, also have a 74,75, 76 fj40(combination of all) with 4inch man-a-fre sua in front, factory soa in rear, running 33in. tires, with a miller locker in rear, thats my road drivable cruiser and my other is another mut, think the body is a 77 soa upfront and a coil spring with a 4 link in back running 35's, but it is disassembled.
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Hard as a ROCK
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Hello my name is Robby Pate and I have a serious addiction!


I currently own a 72 FJ-40 with F motor with headers,38 weber,DUI HEI ignition(well worth it),power steering,4 wheel disc brakes, 7 inches of lift(SUA), 35x12.50 BFG MT's.
And a
97 Toyota Tacoma ext-cab 6inches of lift(4 suspension,2 body) 33x12.5 BFG AT's, headers, mass air intake.

Oh yea i'm located in Cleveland,TN
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OK so I'm a Newbie!

My name is John Holmaas and I have problem(whoops wrong group) Live in Gig Harbor WA, sell real estate(hence the Landpimp)

Bought my 1st Cruiser 8 years ago, have been in love with Cruisers sense I was 13 years old(I;m now 37). 1st Cruiser was my 92fj80 bought on my 29th birthday.


1992 Fj80
OME suspension, with spacers front and rear, running 35 BFG MT's
ARB's and 4:88's, ARB bar w/12k Warn, dual batts, and way nore crap inside than I could ever list. It's been a great Cruiser.

1988 FJ62
....this is the stolen one, bone stock with 33x9.5, got this for my girlfriend Connie and its her driver. Hope to get it back.

1986 FJ60
this is mint(the nicest I have ever seen, just trying to get a rise out of you all) and has 98,000 miles. OME suspension, 33x10.5's on black steel wheels, ARB bar, have 4:11's and a rear ARB ready to swap in. It's was a local rig, no rust, back seat was covered in plastic wrap sense 1986.....super good shape.

1978 FJ55.....stock with LOTS of rust/ROT, runs good(has under 100lbs of compression however) but looks like crap....no hope of saving it so I'll drive it till it becomes a parts Cruiser or hack it up and make it a trail rig. Pieces of the body fall of when I hit a bump.....looks like it may be Connies new driver...hehehehe

1967 FJ45 long bed. faded blue and pretty solid(could use a bed and tailgate but they are savable) Got this summer, trailered it home and went to work on it. Now has 2f(it came with it) OME suspension, all steering bits replaced, shackle reversal, 35 MTR's. disc brake front end, rear full floater with ARB, Warn 8274 and a bunch of other stuff. still running the 3 speed(on tree) but will get a H55F soon and mini truck PS. Damn fun truck and I drive it all the time(put 7k on it this summer) will do(no shit) 85mph(on GPS) on the freeway and is a joy to drive, except 1st gear SUCKS! If you look on page 162(I think) of the SOR catalog you will see it as it was being pulled from the woods in Napa CA.....behind a fj55! The original doors say Stihl Chainsaw.....owned by a chainsaw shop till the late 90's then drug up to Friday Harbor WA.....then I got it.

1965 Fj40 with corragated hard top, this thing is cool and very stock(like 95%, no rust no rot, it was owned by a church in eastern WA untill a few years ago when a church member bought it for his son as a project. Sadly the father and son rebuilt the distibutor and didn't get in seated all the way......so it had no oil presure and toasted the motor as i drove it home Someday it will get a resto, I'm really thinking back to 100% stock but might update with 2f(or 74f) and disc brakes but other than that stock. FWIW it really is a 65 and has an OEM heater that was NOT installed at the dealer, kinda an oddball 40......me likes.

have a parts 67 fj40 as well, which was in an acident with 66666 miles........go figure!

Mom(who is 60) also is a Cruiserhead and has a 97fzj80(40th) locked up. She would like a 79+ fj40.....so I'm looking for nice stocker for her

Honestly I don't do any extream wheeling, I wheel(but not even much anymore) but I LOVE Cruisers, Cruiser history and Cruiserheads. I use my Cruiser for work more than anything.

I'm fairly mechanical but not a mechanic, but can tear apart any of my rigs and sometimes even manage to put them back together!

Just got a welder, Miller 175.....but have never welded but need to learn. I have no garage(that any of my rigs will fit in at least) but am building a shop this spring.

Oh and my spelling and gramer SUCKS.....those that know me can attest to that!

TLCA member 5506

John Holmaas
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I'm Ronnie and I'm from Tennessee.I just bought 2 fj40's ('69 & '71) and just learning. My '71 has 4-wheel disc brakes,96 305
vortec, '88 TPI, sm420, 3 speed t-case, 4" skyjacker springs, painless wiring, lockrites in front & rear, full roll cage, racing seatsw/harness' , saginaw power steering, custom bumpers and rocker protection, swing away tire,xd900i and 35" super swamper tsl sx. My '69 is used for parts for now.
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Oh and my spelling and gramer SUCKS.....those that know me can attest to that!
No fawking shit Holmaaaaaaas

Fawkin newbie
Warning: This user does not play well with others.
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Old 01-10-2003, 07:35 PM   #156 (permalink)
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hey all

Hi my name is steve im 25 and i own a 1976 bronco and i just got a 1980 lancruiser fj40. the cruiser is a basket case with a diesel and so far im rounding up the parts to make it all chevy running gear 350, 465, 205, D60, 14 bolt im sure nobody cares about what my bronco has on the toyota bb so i wont even say. anyways if ya got any questions just ask!
toyota crawler
1tonYJ project
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Hi Everyone,
I'm Jeremy and first of all gotta say that this is a Great Forum, been lurking for a month or so getting an education in cruisers.

I picked up a '74 fj-40 a few weeks ago---lots of potential--stock PTO, 31" BFG's, allum. Wheels, 2-f, headers. Some rust--rear quarters, otherwise pretty clean throughout. While the rust is fairly minimal, the vehicle is sorely in need of some tlc. So i decided to take her down to the frame and rebuild from the ground up.

Now we're talking education! My biggest mech. job prior to this was changing a water pump on an old chevy van. I'm taking lots of pics and leaving bread crumbs so I can find my way back when it comes time to put it all back together again. I'm a student at CU--just moved to Colorado from Hawaii--not too much 4-wheelin in Honolulu (but loads of surfin brada). My wife (who owned a '78 fj-40 years ago in Alaska and still mourns selling it) and I decided we both want cruisers--so this is the first one will probably go to her (although I may have trouble handing the PTO over to her )
I'm sure I'll have lots of questions and I imagine this project will take at least till mid summer--but so far I'm having fun with it (not getting too frustrated with snapping rusted bolts . . . yet )
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New to web site

Hi This is Derek. I live in MA. I have a money pit. 1970 FJ40 with a TBI 350, turbo 350 trans and stock toy xfercase, headers, 4 wheel power disc brakes, sag power steering,lifted and BFG 33's. All downey off road. It is even CA smog legal, but not for long.
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Old 01-25-2003, 07:48 PM   #159 (permalink)
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Hey all, Got ta love being new somewere. My name is Kerry, in the Dawsonville Georgia area. I been running a 78 FJ40 for the last 5 years on the trails in North Georgia and Tennessee. I am currenty the Vice President of the Georgia Bounty Runners 4wd Club out of Atlanta. I typically wheel with a mix bag of J**ps and Chevy/Ford Products and love the rilvary between us in the club. Honestly, Im not afraid of Trail 12 at Tellico but love camping as much as wheeling. Its a Mans gossip hour around a campfire.
I tow with a 96 K3500 and I have a Lance camper in the bed as well, very much addicted to road travel and love to get away from the stress of self employment. Currently the 40 has bit of modification, fornt and rear ARBs. Stock axels, 4sp tanny with 3 sp case, DC driven York air with 2.5 gal tank. full role cage, 8274-50 front locker. Hot water shower(home made), 190amp alternator (off a road tractor). Brown camo desert striped paint job, 2 gallons of bondo, and a few bumps and bruises. Anyhow, thanks for having me and look forward to the learning curve.

Semper Fi
K Co 3/5 1st Mar Div (88-92)
Firefighter Sation 2 Dawson County
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Hello, been lurking for a while now, decided it was time to get more info on some axles, so I finally registered.

'73 FJ55 in many stages. Currently, it's sitting the garage (where it spends most of it's life) awaiting some new axles. When it's done it'll have: 350, ranger od, h42, J30, volvo portals, 9.00R16 XLs, Scout PS, PTO, cut rockers & quarters, various other other things. This past summer I took it to Cruise Moab, then upto Alaska for a month.

I've also owned in the past 6 years a '79 55 (now in pig heaven) a '74 V8J40 (killed in an accident, V8 doner) and a '71 FJ40 (sold)The pig progresses with time and money....

Thanks for any info, and this newbie know how to search.
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hi im pretty new to the world of fj's altough ive been driving 4x4's since before i couldsee over the sterring wheel (farm kids learn real quick when feeding cows in the winter) ive been through the j**p and IH phases and just bought a 63 fj-40. im in the middle of doing a complete resto on it im not sure what motor tranny tcase combo imgoing with cause im still working on the body but getting ready to do the last touch up before priming so ill be asking opinions soon thanks
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Old 02-01-2003, 10:16 AM   #162 (permalink)
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Send a message via Yahoo to Prober66
My name is Sean, and Iím a newbie. Iíve been a newbie for 5 hours now and I just cant stop!

All of that aside, I live in Northern Virginia and have a í71 FJ40 project (like there is such thing as a non-project 40) that Iíve been dragging my feet on getting road legal/safe. Pretty much a stock rig with PU discs in the front. Other then that I shot the paint, put in a roll bar, new seat and herculined everything that the stuff would stick to. Getting ready to (read: finding the time to) redo the tie rod ends, electrical work, and anything else that I see that needs a fixin along the way. My daily driver is a í95 Tacoma 4X4 with a billion miles on it and a Ford F-350 with a drill rig in the bed. Glad to meet yall and cant wait to learn a thing or two and trade a few stories.
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new me too

Name , Robert E. Lee
1976 V-8J40
350 motor
4 speed
locked front and rear , dual fuel tank's
four wheel disc,
on board air ,
lots of everything i could go on and on
right now i am doing a re tub and new floor pan's , had a lot of rust issues going on , I live in Washington State on the wet coast , drive truck for a living, i am married and have a daughter who is a aspiring future cruiser owner , my wife and daughter can spot cruiser's from miles away , and jeeps suck ,
Robert E. Lee
jeep..........it's what's for dinner !
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Re: hey all

Originally posted by dittohead
Hi my name is steve im 25 and i own a 1976 bronco and i just got a 1980 lancruiser fj40. the cruiser is a basket case with a diesel and so far im rounding up the parts to make it all chevy running gear 350, 465, 205, D60, 14 bolt im sure nobody cares about what my bronco has on the toyota bb so i wont even say. anyways if ya got any questions just ask!
Steve man keep that cruiser with a diesal in it , it will go anywhere and about half the cost of that stuff you guy's call gas up there , its like 3 bucks a gallon for gas last time we were up there ,

Robert E. Lee
jeep..........it's what's for dinner !
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Hi all,

I'm from Sydney Australia

I have a 74 FJ40

253 V8
4 speed
PTO winch
Springover and U bolt flip
Rancho 9000s
35" BFG muds
ARB airlockers front and rear

Its a hardtop, but I am about to go soft top. Thinking of putting wheel spacers on for width.

Also toying with the idea of running LPG as the standard carb on the 253 doesn't like angles
Zook based buggy,tube frame/cage, zook bonnet, sheet panels, Full hydro steer, SPOA front, 1/4 elliptic rear with 4 link, S3s, 4.55 Lux diffs welded front and rear, Longfield CVs, Beadlocked 15x8s, 39.5" IROKs, M13A, fuel cell, Race seats/harnesses, approx 100:1 crawl ratio
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Well, I'm a relative newby to the Land Cruiser world. I finally pried a '78 FJ40 out of my dad's hands back in Sept 02. I am a Wyoming-native turned Denver-transplant following 7 years in the Marine Corps.

Given the recent acquisition of the FJ40, I've started hitting up the forums so that I can learn what I can from the veterans & share whatever I can.

As for my 40, it had sat around for the past 5-6 years, so I started off this project by getting it road-worthy again. That work was followed by swapping out the stock fuel tank (due to rust & 3 plugged fuel filters). I then started on some modifying/personalizing by installing a 4" Skyjacker lift with 33x10.50 BFG MT's wrapped around 15x8 Genuine Steel white Rock Crawlers.

The main future projects for Tony (my dad's nickname for it) include:
  • Body restoration
  • Engine rebuild....stock 2F
  • Dual-battery conversion
  • HEI conversion
  • Air lockers...maybe Detroit's new ElecTrac's...if they grace the LC world with them
  • Soft top & doors for summer running
  • Relocation of my Warn XD9000i from the Dakota to the LC
  • Additional tank, or another tank swap...to get some cruising distance
  • Bucket seats...prolly junkyard specials...can't justify $300+ for after-market buckets when I can pull them out of a wreck for a fraction of the price
  • 5-point harness
  • and the list just keeps going....heh
Semper Fi,
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First time here!

I'm from Sweden (Stockholm/Mariefred) and owns a LC HDJ-80 from 1997 and, so far, in a extremely good condition.
The cruiser is for extensive expedition work and is equipped there after. The Safari-Intercooler provide tremendous good torque. With a little bit higher turbo charge, the engine gives about 250 hp and 500 NM @ 1200 rpm. Further more, EMU kit for a 4" lift. 3",5 exhaust. Sepson hydraulic winch. Custom bumpers front and aft. Togther with the 80 I also have a Land Rover Defender 110 CSW Td5 Expedition (2001). A great tractor!
Peder Silfverhjelm
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Hello all,

Been readin' these boards for a long time now, finally decided to make the plunge from lurker to poster.

Bought my '68 FJ40 about a year and a half ago. All stock, except the booty fab long shackles and the bald-ass 31" BFG's.

A brief history of 'learning experiences' in The Little Land Cruiser That Could:

Big Sur
Buddy and I were out wheelin' and campin' in Big Sur. A series of bad decisions occured, see if you can count them: Too many beers, more beer, and a couple of more beers later, we decide to go night driving. He says 'let me drive', to which I reply 'OK'. He drives it alright, straight into a tree at about 30-40 (hard to tell at night with no speedo). We escpare unhurt, thanks only to the Cruiser Gods, have to hike 3 damn hours, uphill, drunk, to his truck. Cruiser had a bent frame. I did a frame swap, by myself, in 10 straight days.
Lesson: Don't drink and drive. That frame could have been our spines.

Wheelin' in the Boondocks of Death Valley
Three front driveshaft bolts backed out, spins around on the forth, put a hole in the oil pan. Pulled it and went in search of shade tree mechanics at the 'shop' an hour away in Nevada (who are the only monkeys around with a brazing torch) spend half the day to patch up a small hole, and charge me $55 plus tax for the honor. It leaks again by the time I get to Furnace Creek where the motor blows out a freeze plug. Give up. Towed home.
Lesson: carry JB Quik, Bondo, brazing torch and rod on long trips; use locknuts on EVERYTHING.

Attempted Wheelin' Trip in Mohave
Broke piston 10 miles outside of Baker. Towed home. Rebuilt the motor with one new piston, whole set of rings (cuz they don't let you buy just one piston worth), new rod bearings cuz they were on sale.
Lesson: None. Where's the fun in driving a vehicle that you KNOW is going to get you there every single time? My fiancee just can NOT understand this..

If you want to know what NOT to do, just give me a call!
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new to Pirate

My name is Jeffrey. I own a 73' FJ-55, 4" SOR SUA, Rancho 9000's, a J**P "Runk" Bumper, 68' Impala GM V8, Toy 3 speed (soon to be SM465) 3 speed case ( soon to be 4 speed w/ 3 speed gears) stock interior, white exterior, came from CO. I also have an 84' 4runner, newly swapped and hopefully operating soon 22RTE, stock tranny (rebuilt), rear lock right, 4" springs, white exterior and brown interior, All-Pro bumpers front and rear, 33's on wagon wheels, soon to drop in gears to the transfer and add a winch. I have built an 81' mini, 85' FJ-60, parted out a 79' FJ-40, owned and sold a 60' FJ-25, and of course my two current projects. I wheel the 4runner and will tow it with the 55, my girlfriend talked me into the Pig and it took a real hard arm twistin' (yeah, right!) Now I am set on yota's I believe, unless I find a cheap project 40, or 45, or another 60, or maybe a 62, or an 80??!?!?! hell, even a 79'-81' mini might catch eye, one can never have enough!
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Hello All!

81 FJ40 Chevy 350 TBI, SM420, 3 Speed Tcase w/ twin sticks, ARB front & rear, SOA, Rancho 9000, Full Roll cage...

95 FZJ80 OME springs and shocks, ARB Winch Bar w/ M12000 on the front, Slee Offroad w/ tire carrier on the rear. (Retired)
Bruce Mitchell
KTM - 450EXC
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Hey, Jeff Faulkner here.
I've got a 79 fj40 painted olive bronwn. Pretty much stock. I've had the truck for 3-4 years now and have made gradual improvements to it. Roughly 124K, original 2F still going strong.
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Newbie checking in

Hi my name is Sean and I'm in the Air Force stationed in Anchorage, AK. I don't own any Cruiser yet, but I hope to remedy the situation soon. I've been lurking on LCML and the DTLC mailing lists and have posted a few times.

So what turned me on to Cruisers? Well my dad owned a FJ45 back in the early 80's and ever since then I loved them. I'm now in the market for a 60 series, anybody want to sell me their HJ60? LOL!!
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Hi, My name is Joe, and I got into Land Cruisers when my dad bought his about 10 years ago. I inherited it when he got a newer truck, and it had been sitting around for a few years.
One brake master cylinder and a carburetor later, it is my DD when I am at home.

It is mostly stock, but if anyone happens to have a spare NV4500
laying around...well, it wouldn't be stock for much longer
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hi, jeff here, living in north richland hills, texas, my first cruiser that i just got:1983 Toyota FJ60 land cruiser, 350 chevy engine. rv cam, edelbrock intake, Q-jet carb, Ranger III overdrive box, toyota 4 speed and toyota t-case, stock axles geared 4.10 front is welded rear is open. Power steering and power brakes has a/c and also has a york compressor for on board air. the rear bumper is a holding tank. Warn winch bumper on front, no winch though. Has a spare tire carrier and gas can holder and high lift jack mount on rear bumper. cd player, 36" tsl radials. SPOA lift with old man emu springs and shocks. everything works

pics: http://www.texas4x4.org/modules.php?...view_album.php

Last edited by fourwheelerjeff; 06-19-2003 at 01:52 PM.
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Newbie Check-in

My name is Ed Long, I live in asmall town 30 miles south of Kansas City. My son bought a '66 FJ40 that 'WE' were going to work on together, HA! Two years later, I've bonded with the LC. He's at MU busy rounding off the corners on my F-150 4x4.
As I said, it is titled a '66 but I think it is older than that, maybe a '64-65. The motor is a 1974 F. I've completely redone the body and interior. It has full hardtop and soft top, rollbar, latemodel jumpseats and a Tuffy console. I'm changing out the dist for an HEI from a '80 chevy PU. I did a shackle reversal, so it has about 1 1/2" of lift and I run 31 10.50 Goodyear AT's, because it is mainly a driver.
I realize this is a pussy configuration for most of the guys on this board, but I'm old, and the body is too cherry to be trailtrashing it...yet. Looking to find a disc axle or one that can be converted
to disc.
Okay, I'm ready..flame on

Do they have a geriatric section?
[FONT=Tahoma][/FONT][COLOR=DarkGreen][/COLOR][FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]"Get a haircut and get a [I]real[/I] job"
'66?FJ40 3.5" lift,4WDB, Corvette Master, MiniPS, '74 F and a fresh 2F on the way
TLCA #14529
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