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Help! '90 4-Runner Clutch Problem???

Any help would be much appreciated.

My son called today from Albuquerque, saying the clutch was acting up suddenly on his '90 4-Runner (V6, 5-speed, 4WD). It's very hard to shift, especially into reverse - gears grinding - sounds like clutch is not disengaging fully. He says the pressure point on the clutch is when the pedal is almost all the way to the floor. He checked the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder reservoir, it's full. It's too dark out now to be sure, but he didn't see any sign of any clutch fluid leaking under the vehicle. I thought that if the clutch slave cylinder (or hydraulic line) went bad, it would do so suddenly - that's what happened a few years ago with my '84 Land Cruiser. And he wouldn't be seeing a full reservoir?

Could it be that the adjustment went out suddenly? I can't picture how that might happen without taking a closer look at the vehicle, and I'm almost 600 miles away.

I know the Land Cruiser clutches like the back of my hand, but not the 4-Runners.

Thanks in advance!

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This is exactly how the clutch was acting in my '87 a year ago, a week after I got it. I tried everything with the hydraulics, swapped the M/C, new slave, bled it, adjusted the pedal, nothing helped. Dropped the tranny, the clutch was TOAST.

I'm betting that's his problem.
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Just to double check. look under the dash where the clamp goes to the pedal. There is a threaded rod with the mount to the pedal. Make sure the clamp is on the end of the rod and not threaded down on the rod it adjusts the pedal clearance. I just did this yesterday to fix mine.

Dont think it would just re adjust itself out of no where though. easy cheap fix if that is the problem though.
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About a month ago mine did the same thing. Checked under the dash, and found the entire bracket that the clutch pedals mount to was tearing off off the fire wall. It is apperently a common problem with the v6 trucks (is your a v6)? Check the upper right hand corner of it, and see if by chance it is tearing in from the corner. When you push on the pedal, you will see the whole bracket move.
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Thanks for the suggestions on what to look for, I'll let everyone know what it turns out to be.

The clutch was replaced about 30K miles ago using Toyota parts, work was done by a mechanic who's worked on nothing but Toyota trucks and 4-Runners for the past 20 years.

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i just had this problem on my 84 4 runner, gradually shifting became harder and harder until couldn't shift anymore... turned out to be the master. if the clutch was bad, he should still be able to shift fine it'll just slip or if it's REALLY bad all gears will be like neutral...
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'90 4-Runner Clutch Problem Solved

Thanks to all for the help. Turned out to be a bad clutch master cylinder AND a torn clutch/brake pedal mounting bracket! I replaced the master and slave, and bled the system. I was able to drive it to the Toyota dealer, but still had problems shifting, and every once in a while I had to push the neutral start override switch to get it to start. The dealer looked at closely (I was running out of time in Albuquerque) and saw the bracket was torn at the upper left (looking up from under the dash). With the bracket torn, it moves around a lot when the pedal is pressed. That's why is was still hard to shift, and why the neutral start switch wasn't working. Bad part is that the clutch and brake pedals use the same bracket, so a lot of stuff has to come off to replace it.

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