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Toyota double cardan (Cardigan) rebuild

The joint on my custom front shaft is acting up (lots of slop).

How long does the rebuild usually take ?

Are these dealer only parts (autozone does not list these parts) ?

Ball&Socket parts
Ujoint bearings for CV
Ujoint bearings for axle end

How about a kit with all the parts ?
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The dealer doesn't carry parts for the CV since they consider it non-repairable. I got a u-joint for mine from NAPA. I've never tried repairing/replacing the ball and pin in the middle, but I think they carry that too. If not, try a driveline shop. This article may help w/ the rebuild (disassembly):

It can be fairly time consuming because its not real easy to take apart.

Oh yeah, and a cardigan is a sweater! (you had it right the first time)

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These guys have what you need
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I had some wierd aftermarket replacement in mine that couldn't be fixed.
To do it myself, it could be done in about 1/2 hour after pulling the shaft.
Local repair costs were nutty... Pretty much on par with driveshaft I bought from Jess ($250)
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double cardigan

Dual sweaters ???
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I've heard these aren't so hard to rebuild. In my personal case, it was a very difficult disassembly and I ended up destroying the centering joint.

If you've GOT to disassemble it and you know which U-joint you want to repair, consider just using a sawzall and cut that joint's T on two or four sides.

If you've GOT to replace the centering joint, the best price I found is for $29 + shipping.

Why are you replacing everything on the shaft? Just figure out which part is failing, and replace that piece. Otherwise you'd be way ahead on time and money to just buy another complete shaft from someone on ebay or the classifieds here on pirate.
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These things are like chinese puzzles, sometimes I take them apart in less than an hour, sometimes a lot more. I've prolly taken 8 or so apart (to grind for higher angle) and I still couldn't tell you the secret. I'm sure it's somewhere here though.
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My local driveline shop, Driveline Service of Eugene, will disassemble it for free, I modify it and they reassemble it with their parts (they carry everything for it). It cost me $65 to have mine rebuilt with new joints, seal and needle bearing after I modified it.

Try the local shop . . .

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