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Plug and play harness for v8 swap???

Mike @ said to me awhile back that he made them, but for a week now I have tried to reach out to him with no luck. Number has been disconnected and no response in email.

Does any other company's out there make a plug and play harness for the 94 tbi Chevy 350 to 1984 Toyota pickup?
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I have not seen a plug and play one. However there is a tuner place that will take your harness and mate it to a GM harness. Howell Fuel Injection has harness, Jim's Performance can make them too I belive, also Painless wiring.
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I used the harness from howell for my 2003 4.3 had very few wires to hook up, I just chased down the connections needed for my truckon the toyota loom.
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just a quick warning/advice

have a buddy who ordered that harness from Howell for his 4.3 TBI to 83 Toy and he ran into some issues.
1- incorrect connections on some wires
2- some pigtails were too short
3- other connections were upside down making the connection very tight when turned around

apart from that it was very pretty and labeled pretty well. Just frustrating when you pay the cash for a nice harness and things are wrong.

When he called them to replace/exchange it they refused and told him to cut off the ends and go to a salvage yard and splice in the correct ones.

not trying to turn you away from them just make sure that you get something from them that is correct. (they initally tried to tell him that the motor was a different year, which was not the case, then came up with another excuse as to why it was incorrect.)

Knowing what I know I am glad I jsut started with a junkyard harness and spliced things together with my stock harness.
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