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Send Letters: Support Mtn Biking, 4x4 access Slide Mtn

We need to get the mtn biker's back here -- its been announced that they will gate off slide mtn and decommission all the trails at NF.

What can we do?
Back the mtn bikers. We need to help make sure these trails stay open. As the mtn bikers have noted, there is no legal recreation on DNR land in Whatcom County. This goes for 4x4s as well. The reason why mtn bikes are being removed is for the same reason as 4x4s were. If DNR backs off from this, they will need to look into letting 4x4 recreation work as well.

In short, the way they're managing dispersed recreation is not working. All of this is going towards a problem that needs to be tackled by the legislature... ie: user managed trail agreements.

Need to Email these people before April 1st, 2012:

• Bill Knutzen -
• Kathy Kershner -
• Ken Mann -
• Sam Crawford -
• Carl Weimer -
• Barbara Brenner -
• Pete Kremen –
• Jack Louws -

• Peter Goldmark – DNR commissioner
• Mark Mauren – Head of Recreation -
• Steve Jennison – Baker District Manager -
• Laurie Bergvall - Asst Region Manager -
• Ben Cleveland - NW Region Manager -

What to write
You probably should write your own letter, but here is a gist of one...

Dear (person)

I'm writing in regards to the gating and closure of mtn bike trails on slide mountain. I find it very disturbing that the DNR has decided to close access instead of work with user groups to work on a plan for eventual managed access within Whatcom County.

I understand that there is currently no recognized access in Whatcom County, however that shouldn't mean that user built trails cannot exist in some capacity. Its important that we allow some access, and manage it on a per-area basis. Closures should only be needed when there is scientifically documented negative impact that overrides the benefits to user access.

Additionally, closing the Slide Mtn access road limits legal access to some of the best views of whatcom county. There are currently 20+ miles of accessible logging road for visitors that would be closed to access. You can see some of these views here:

Please do not add a gate to Slide mountain or close the mtn bike trails. Work with user groups to figure out how to make user built trails usable until a plan can be devised to create managed recreation in Whatcom County.

(your name)
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Seems like they have closed North Fork serveral times over the years... Stay home and pay your taxes like a good citizen.
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Emailed all of them....

Except for Jack. Jack and I have Issues.
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The reasons for closure are creek and stream rehab right? they are worried about salmon habitat??? I have noticed less trash in general on the roads and turnarounds. If they are worried about trash, i dont blame them. too many redneck douchbags dumpin. that really burns me how people can be so inconciderate about nature. we should organize a clean-up of both trail and road. NF is a favorite in the family, fossils, hunting, hiking. We dont mtn bike but I would love to take the ol wheeler out again someday! If i remember right, back in the day Rutzats rd south through the dyke access was supposed to be set aside for off road use, but the tree hugger hippies were the only people who showed up to the meetings, and no dice where did all that $ go that us dirt bikers raised to open said trails??

Pack it in, pack it out! whatcom county needs and ORV park!
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Whatcom's Official Proposal to DNR


Thank you for you email expressing opposition to the DNR's plans to
close the Slide Mountain/North Fork Nooksack Trail.
I share your sentiments and have co-sponsored a County Council
Resolution aimed at getting the Dept to change its position.

Please see the proposed resolution below.

SPONSORED: Crawford, Mann, Kremen
INTRODUCTION: ____________
WHEREAS, Whatcom County is endowed with an extensive forested
mountainous landscape ideal for the pursuit of mountain biking, hiking,
and other passive recreational activities; and
WHEREAS, the available land that can be utilized for mountain biking is
somewhat limited relative to the forested mountainous areas of the
county because of ownership issues, conflicts with neighboring uses, and
access to trail networks; and
WHEREAS, Whatcom County has become recognized nationally as a mountain
biking ‘mecca’, attracting world-class mountain bikers along with the
associated economic input to our community’s prosperity; and
WHEREAS, the significant local economic infrastructure supporting the
recreation and sport of mountain biking continues to rely on
availability of a variety of locations to engage in mountain bike
activity; and
WHEREAS, local mountain bike organizations already exist that have
demonstrated the ability to organize and collectively to address trail
construction, maintenance, self-policing and impact mitigation; and
WHEREAS, the area of Whatcom County known as the North Fork of the
Nooksack River has been developed by users over the past 20 years into a
key location (along with Galbraith Mountain and the Chuckanuts) for
mountain bike recreation and sport; and
WHEREAS, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources has
announced the upcoming closure of the North Fork of the Nooksack River
to off-road mountain bike use; and
WHEREAS, the activity of mountain biking as a recreation and a sport can
be coordinated with other forest use priorities such as logging,
hunting, hiking, winter recreation, fishing, fire prevention, and
environmental stewardship to bring about enhancement and protection of
the forest landscape for future generations.
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Whatcom County Council that we
strongly encourage the Washington State Department of Natural Resources
to withdraw its deadline to close the North Fork of the Nooksack River
to off-road mountain bike use, and instead to engage and collaborate
with mountain bike users and advocates in maintaining and continued
development of a network of mountain bike trails in that area in a
manner that is environmentally protective and compatible with other
forest uses.
ADOPTED this day of April, 2012.
Page 2
Dana Brown-Davis, Clerk of the Council Kathy Kershner, Council Chair
Civil Deputy Prosecutor

Aaron, I appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts on this


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Ive been sorta following....

Noth fork is closed as of today to mt. biking. All built trails wil be torn down. DNR is considered liable for injury's and no permits were issued to build said trails.

"pete" thank you for the response.
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The only crappy part of the reply i see is the area (Northfork) was NOt in devolpment to be a mountainbike area for 20 WAS in development since the closure of Northfork to Motorized since 2004...there is some info that's not entirely accurate.
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