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Looking for some help in SoCal (Off 4x4 topic)

Hey guys, sorry if this may not be the right section for this but I figures the SoCal forum was the best bet...so heres my story...

(For those looking for the abbreviated version...my wife is a RN looking for a job and needs help! If this is something you might be able to assist in then please read on for details. Thanks!)

I was born and raised in San luis Obispo, I lived in San Diego for about year back in 2002 before I joined the Navy. Finally after 9 years of service I am being stationed in San Diego and will be there this June! My last duty station was in Hawaii. While there, my wife got her Bachelors in Nursing from Hawaii Pacific University. (I will be paying those bills for many years to come)

So Im coming up the end of a short training stop in Virginia. Originally we were supposed to go to Seattle after this. My wife has been searching for a job since last September with literally no luck until just a couple weeks ago when she finally got the call we were waiting for! She was on the plane this past Monday, on her way to Seattle for an interview when my detailer called to inform me that my orders had been retracted and I was being rerouted to San Diego. Not bummed about SD but man what a crappy way to go. Luckily her plane was late getting into PA and she missed her connection. So she was able to turn around and come right back with a sizable refund.

Now let me just mention that the time from last September to the anticipated phone call for the interview has been VERY dark for my wife and therefore in our house. I also have a 6 year old little girl. We were ALL feeling it. Well, we are quickly heading back to that terrible place! The job market for RN's in SD is promising to be even worse than either Virginia or Washington!

This is where all you SoCal wheeling brudduhs come in! (I hope!)

In this terribly flooded job market its all about who you know and networking. So that is why I am blabbing on and on. My wife needs help! From people who may be able to just simply say "Hey, give this person a look, they might be just what you are looking for."

Thats it! So PLEASE! If any of you or your significant others work in or around the nursing field or know some one who does and you might be able to get my wifes name mentioned, or in touch with someone who may be able to help, we would be forever in debt to you! (I can run a mean smoker adn you will be first on the guest list at our new place for some smoked goodness and beer!) And besides, if this actually works and my wife gets a job through my wheeling addiction, she will never be able to bad mouth my wheeling habit ever again! Not to mention, my poor 92 runner waiting for its build day would get done super fast without any grief and we could all be enjoying some cold ones by the fire after a long day of playing in the dirt!

Thanks in advance and regardless of all this, cant wait to see you all the trail!
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