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Santiago Canyon / LittleRock dam rant

Doe's the writer of this article seem biased?

I think the guy,"Rick Cooper" is, or just uninformed, but he never has had the store open, or looked into the issues.
I know this is just an online article, but I think I want to email the writer,
and explain some of the reality's and truth's of the area, and issues.
(later being Sober & using Spell Check).
It took a couple of years, of fighting with the USFS,
just to regain entrance, and back into the reservoir's OHV area.

Link: (good for 5 days)

Story below:

All color added by ME!
Ignore my spelling, and try to understand my point's.

Recreation Possibilities
Littlerock Dam and Recreation Area little used, full of potential
This story appeared in the Antelope Valley Press
Sunday, January 20, 2008.
Valley Press Staff Writer

LITTLEROCK - Looking from Fisherman's Point, it is easy to see the Littlerock Dam and Recreation Area becoming a family destination.
The scenery is among the best the Antelope Valley has to offer, with the addition of a Semi large body of water.

The activities are seemingly as endless as the canyon that disappears to the south That is Closed into the Angeles National Forest.
The whole area is Angeles National Forest

It is also easy to see the disrepair that has occurred after years of neglect and lack of upkeep.Due to the lack of funding, brought on by the law suits that, "the center for biological diversidickity" depleted USFS funds.

Driving through the gate to the recreation area, there are a few bullet holes in the glass of the shack at the gate. The shack itself looks like it has not been used in years.No it hasen't, lack of funding, they just call the cops at sundown, to run everyone off.

There are also small signs of improvement, like the new security blockades at the gate, which has helped keep out after-hour visitors.Been there for years.

"I would like to make this place into a family-friendly place," said Rick Cooper, who ownsLease's the Littlerock Lake Resort, and overseesOVERLOOKS (tenant) the recreation area, the store and buildings behind it last year.

"It's pretty low key here," Cooper said.I refuse to respond, because I will seem/sound like a racist.He lives behind a locked gate, public in at sunrise, public OUT at sunset. PERIOD!

Cooper also sees the potential of the area and instead of a quiet, event-free retirement property, he would like to see the potential realized, even if it takes time.HUH

Cooper, 62, is a constant presence at the recreation areaHe lives there! with his dog oscar, an imposing 70-pound, 12-year Akita.

Cooper said he has taken the important first step, which is taking control of the area and having the gate improved upon.He got a key so he can lock it himself? (speculation)

"I don't have half the problems that I used to," Cooper said.Been there for 2 years "There is no more graffiti.B.S. There used to be terrible graffiti."So is he the one' picking the diapers out of the creek?
Painting the vault's?

In its place is a larger body of water than the dam had last year,I could pee and raise the water level. but it is still far below it capacity.Draught? How long?

The dam was originally built in 1923 and refurbished in the 1990s.

Several ducks have taken up residence in the vegetation growing out of the western part of the water.

While there are several species of birds inhabiting the area, there is one noticeable absence - fish. Where did the fisher people go? Home for a fish fry...

This week there were only a few who tried their luck at fishing at the dam.It's 40* out , It's COLD for fisherpeople.

"We've had a lot of luck here," said Palmdale resident Jose Catalan, who has been fishing at Littlerock Dam for years. "We used to get good fish out of here." Ask me how long I have wheeled the dam, And I'll tell you alot longer than he has lived here. Then I'll point toward my old friends,
and say 20 years more than I.

For Catalan, his friend and his 9-year old son, Michael Saldana, the Littlerock Reservoir offers fishing close to home, even closer than Jackson Lake and Lake Elizabeth, other spots they frequent.

"It's nice and beautiful and peaceful," Catalan said of"THE" Littlerock Reservoir. "You don't have too much traffic."b.s.

Their experience shows how the recreation area can offer a wide variety to many visitors.TRUE!

Several motorcycles rode in the distance, but from where Catalan and his friend are casting, the roar of the engines are inaudible.

"You don't hear anything," Catalan said.

The silence was all encompassing, as there was no splashing of a snagged fish, even though Catalan could spot were a fish was swimming about 20 feet in front of him.

A duck confirmed his belief, swimming to that spot and diving underneath the surface.

It was unclear what kind of luck the duck had, but Catalan left empty handed after a few hours.

Cooper said the reservoir hasn't been stocked since 3,600 pounds of fish were dumped in last spring.

But the California Department of Fish and Game website, has the Littlerock Reservoir being stocked on Jan. 13.

Cooper did not know when the reservoir was due to be restocked.

"I haven't been up here in years. I was interested in seeing what it looked like after all the rain after the drought we had. I wanted to see how much water is in it," said Jim Parks, a Littlerock resident who retired from his job as a transportation supervisor for the City of Los Angeles in the Owens Valley. "Sometimes I come to look when I have nothing to do."

The Littlerock Dam and recreation area are managed by two different government entities. The dam itself is overseen by the Palmdale Water District and the recreation area is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

The PWD is still in the working stages of a project to remove sediment from the dam, as years of water that has come down from the mountain has washed dirt and debris with it. That they did when they renovated the dam in the early 90's, and again in the late 90's.

Matt Knudson, an engineering supervisor with the PWD, said that project may be ready by the end of this year.With no public imput

Claudette Roberts, a water conservation manager with the PWD, said there is an estimated 55,000 cubic feet of sediment at the bottom of the reservoir.Which I need to convert into acre feet vs cubic yards of soil and compare that to the soil eroision of th southwestern arroyo toad

"It reduces the body of water we are able to store," said Roberts, who was a project manager when the dam was refurbished.And helped contribute to the OHVer's problem.

There is one change at the recreation area that is out of Cooper's hands and is a common problem in California.That he never had a thing todo with, (SEARCHING in the near future on this guy) but WE have been fighting since 1998

A 3-inch long toad, the endangered Arroyo Southwestern Toad, has taken up residence in the southern part of the recreation area has resulted in approximately 8,500 acres being closed.Not endangered, supposedaley THREATENED! Last I new they 23 different habitats

Visitors to the park driving on the main access road run into a large fence blocking access.

The entire southern portion of the area is enclosed by fencing to ensure visitors don't stray onto the toad's endangered habitat.They live near the streambed, but they closed off 3/4 of a mile on both sides

Large signs warn visitors not to cross the fencing. 'Do not enter. Endangered species habitat. In order to protect the Arroyo Southwestern Toad and its habitat.'Should read: Southwestern Arroyo Toad

The campground beyond the road closed sign is also closed.2 campgrounds and picinic areas,(not mentioning the road to Hwy 2

The ground around the fencing is a good indication of how long the closure has been in effect. Large brush has grown through cracks in the asphalt.

Although other barriers and fencing at the recreation area seem to have been ignored for the sake of better access to off roading, the barrier for the toad's habitat is intact. Cheap orange plastic fence, tied to T stakes, strung through a riverbed!

"It will open up in a year or two," Cooper said. "They are going to put in a bridge. It's been 10 years. It put the last guy out of business."Combonation of Public department's

Ken Peery owned the Littlerock Lake Resort for 20 years. Peery died in July of last year.

Peery used to sell camping supplies and firewood at The Dam Store, as it is known to some, but he told the Antelope Valley Press in 2001 that the closure of the campgrounds was affecting 'his business to the tune of about $100,000 a year.'Kenny was a good guy, He sold his lease back to the USFS because, He Got Screwed. (p.m. for details)

The Dam Store, as it is known to some, remains closed and Cooper said he sees no point of opening it for the time being.Moron

Until the camping grounds reopens, Cooper has thought of other possibilities for recreation area, including taking advantage of the large body of water.Kenney rented canoe's and boats (5mph max spd limit on the reservoir)

Cooper would like to host fishing tournaments at the dam.

The large picnic areas could certainly handle a large gathering of people and it could be one of the primary attractions to the recreation area.It was by wheelers (good), and by the general public, I've seen the results of both. Wait tell he does!!!(sucker)

The Juniper and Sage picnic areas have several tables and overlook the creek that feeds into the lake, an area that is well traveled by off roaders.They all showed up to watch our show

The sound of the trickling water is occasionally drowned out by the roar of an engine.

Cooper said Sunday is the busiest day of the week for the recreation area and approximately 500 people will drive by his house to the off roading area.
His LEASED HOUSE! I believe the limit is 1,000 persons at the dam! He might be able to open the store and make money? Oh well, when his lease runs out in 10 years, we'll see if he has any more money.

"We could use more rain," Cooper said. "They wouldn't be able to ride if it was full of water."
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