UPDATED 3/10/09 1:45PM PST by Lance Clifford

All the videos have been added to the [ VIDEOS ] section! I've added some sick in-car action!!!


UPDATED 2/27/09 8:35PM PST by Lance Clifford

Your 2009 King of the Hammers is Jason Scherer!!!

Here is a a couple of kick ass videos. The first one is from the start of the race, and the second video is Resolution and Backdoor action, along with som great finish line action.



UPDATED 2/27/09 7:55AM PST by Lance Clifford

Live blog is posted


UPDATED 2/26/09 10:20PM PST by Lance Clifford

The rumor mill says that Tracy Jordan's new rock bug will not be ready for tomorrow's race. He is currently teching in last years car.

UPDATED 2/26/09 9:30PM PST by Lance Clifford

New LCQ photos by High Rev Photo have been added to the gallery here - [ PHOTO GALLERY ]

UPDATE 2/26/09 8:45PM PST by Andy Johnson

Action footage from LCQ.

Out trail running with Walker Evans.

UPDATE 2/26/09 7:15PM PST by Lance Clifford

UPDATE 2/26/09 3:55PM PST by Lance Clifford

Contingency has been in full swing for a few hours now. We will work on getting some of the successful LCQ winners in for interviews.



UPDATE 2/26/09 3:20PM PST by Dirtnewz.com

Johnson Valley, California (February 26, 2009) – The 2009 KOH Last Chance Qualifier kicked off among the 45 mph gusting winds here at Johnson Valley, California this morning. At 8:00 a.m. sharp the first race vehicles charged from the line in hopes of making this year's big race, which is slated to start Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. The big winner today was Clint Ellitte has he set the fast time in order to move into the 2009 King of the Hammers race. His winning time was 5:13 seconds as he lead a contingent of 13 races who made the top spot.

2009 King of the Hammers Last Chance Qualifier Official Results

Johnson Valley, CA (February 26, 2009) –Here are your official qualifiiers for the 2009 King of the Hammers.

1. Clint Ellett 5:13
2. Loren Healey 5:35
3. Chad Hummer 6:11
4. Stephen Watson 6:23
5. Greg Hussey 6:28
6. Adam Carter 6:32
7. Jason Pickett 6:48
8. Branden Johnson 6:49
9. Matt Overton 7:05
10. Kim Sears 7:15
11. Bill Schueler 7;25
12. John Markovich 7:28
13. Eric Holder 7:33.
14. Matt Legg 7:58

NON Qualifiers Below:

Allan Grady
Clayton Kraatz
Gary Hall
Eric Hackney
Craig Thompson
Ryan Jensen
Chris May
Chad Burchik
Kevin Sacalas
James Andrus
Brandon Davis
Bryan Crofts
Dan Trout
Sam Winget
Eric Graves
Jose Ponce
Todd McCullen
Scott Angel
Terill Johnston
Nazir Adam
Jost Prat

Here is the Live Blog that we did for the LCQ. You can click the "play" button to see the play by play stuff.


UPDATED 2/25/09 10:10PM PST by Andy Johnson

The pictures of the Lake Bed just does not do all the activity down here justice. The Lake Bed is full of some of the newest and wildest rock/desert racing rigs built this year. You have rigs built by FU2, TFab, SN Fab, Twisted Customs and the list goes on and on. The amount of time and money put into this years rigs is just amazing. I can't wait to see the LCQ action tomorrow. I understand the 1st waterfall on Backdoor has been changed dramatically. Some of the teams are actually talking about winching backdoor.


I arrived on the lakebed just in time for the drivers meeting. Dave and Jeff laid out the game plan for both the LCQ and the main race. It was brought up that a few teams dropped out of the main race. Also, they have worked out a deal with BITD so KOH racers will have more then just one race.

The activity here is just crazy. People connecting with old friends. Teams are out pre-running trying to get their rigs tuned to run full tilt in the desert and the rocks. Other teams are wrenching like crazy just trying to make the race.



UPDATED 2/25/09 7:00PM PST Poster by Lance Clifford

Here's a youtube video clip of Jessi Combs and Camo taking Pistol Pete's Trophy Lite desert racer out for a spin on the KOH race course this afternoon.


UPDATED 2/25/09 3:00PM PST Posted by Lance Clifford

Here's a youtube video clip of the side-by-side action.


UPDATED 2/25/09 2:30PM PST Posted by Nolen Grogan

Charlene is looking awesome!!!

I just made a pass through camp.  First thing I saw was Randy Slawson getting a new set of Brawlers mounted up on his racer.  Good job BFG partnering with Randy.

JT Taylor was scoping out the competition on his pit pike.

Adam Carter is wondering WHY Fox Shocks is not on the lakebed???

The Wrath Chassis is looking fantastic.  They have the first set of Sway-a-Way bypass air shocks they are testing at KOH.

UPDATED 2/25/09 12:30PM PST Posted by Lance Clifford

Breaking news!!! Nicole Johnson's Blue Torch Fab built rig was wadded up on the lakebed before she even got a chance to drive it. It was loaded back into the trailer and taken to The Fab School for some major repairs. We'll try and get more details on this...

UPDATED 2/25/09 11:15AM PST Posted by Nolen Grogan

Photo Gallery has been updated - [ PHOTO GALLERY ]

Wednesday is here, another beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze.  The morning began early with LCQ racers lining up to get another shot at Backdoor.  This trail is pretty tough this year.  In years past, I have seen the line on the far left be more than do-able in most decent rigs, this year, the bottom is dug out and nasty.  I sat in a buggy with 103” wheelbase on the climb and it was sitting near vertical before it started to climb. 

No one is crawling Backdoor this year, it takes commitment and it takes the throttle.  Tomorrow is going to be awesome.  The LCQ guys are lined up outside the BF Goodrich trailer now getting tech inspection. 

Right now the first of the SxS racers are coming across the finish line.  Mitch Guthrie, former champion rockcrawler was the first to finish in his Polaris RZR.  He was all smiles.  I just saw Jon Bundrant coming across the line, he DNFed.  JaggedX just made it in as well.  They were in 2nd place, another win for Polaris.

See more info on sidexsideaction.com

I took a spin around camp today to give you guys some KOH flava.  Lots of people busting ass to get their rigs repaired or even finished.

I took a ride with PSC Lance out to the Twisted Customs/Spidertrax camp.  Twisted Customs is fielding 2 brand-new cars in this race.  Joachim has a dedicated KOH/XRRA racer and Jason has a new KOH/WeRock racer.  Both have some cool hints of what is new at Twisted Customs for 2009.  I will get detailed pictures later.

Tracy Jordan is fresh off a photo shoot for Dirt Sports and has driven the Rock Bug on and off the trailer only.  They are doing some last minute work and he plans to spend the day working the bugs out and pre-running.

Lippy Larry rode by; he says his car is ready to rock.

Easy Rick Mooneyham is taking it easy in camp.  His rig is well tested and ready.  He is a favorite around here for a top finish.

I talked to Krusty and they say Doc and Bender are ready to kick some ass in the FU2 buggy.  It is looking MEAN!

There is definitely an air of nervousness in among the competitors and crew today.  Not the large amount a trash talking that we heard last year.  The course is BRUTAL and the guys that have been out testing know it.

I will go out in a bit and get more.

UPDATED 2/25/09 10:10AM PST Posted by Charlene Bower


6:29 am

Welcome to King of the Hammers and the Side X Side race. Mike and I are out in the desert right now covering a first ever event…maybe one of the most challenging races that we have seen Side X Side’s put through.

Our plan for today is to keep you updated with the racing coverage and see what is going on as I get live feed from the race track. This is also first of its kind! Thanks to the Pirate4x4.com group we are able to be live from
a place where NO cell phones or internet works.

Stay tuned…. Off to the races!

7:00 am Driver Meeting

Jumped in the RZR after wiping the ice off the seats and headed to the drivers meeting. “Watch for the red arrows” says Big Rich, “have fun and be safe.” There was originally 15 cars that were signed in to come out, but
with different excuses coming in from all directions, 5 cars showed up to make the start line.

8:00 am Starting Line

First off the line is the UTVGuide.com car of Bob Roggie and Jon Crowley.Yes, you know the name Jon Crowley from our magazine…a consistent contributor and driver for our shootouts teamed with a very experienced rock
crawler Bob Roggie who has spent countless hours on getting the Kawasaki Teryx race ready.

Second off the line was Jon Bundrant with co-driver Larry McRae. The All-Pro Offroad team has years of rock crawling background to get them through the rough sections. Bundrant is a former rock crawl champion who is
in his first ever Side X Side race in a RZR. Co-driver in todays race Larry McRae was his spotter in the rock crawl events so they know how to make it happen!

Third off the line was the Jagged X RZR driven by Brandon Schueler and co-piloted by Blake Vandeloo. This Best In The Desert pimped out RZR has seen lots of desert terrain, but adding the rock component will be
interesting. But both Brandon and Blake have lots of experience in the rocks in jeeps so it should be an easy cross over.

Fourth off the line was the Mitch Guthrie and Bob Schwendenman team in their RZR. Guthrie, a Pro Rock Champion in 2004 brings some great experience to the table. In his nearly stock RZR with a long travel kit and they are expecting a fun rave. Lots of pre-running has helped this team prepare for the desert distance.

Drawing fifth was Casey Currie in a modified Kawasaki Teryx. Casey is no one new to King of the Hammers. He raced last year and came in second! That is a feat as a majority of the starters never finished.

And now they are in the desert… We are up and down with Internet connection so stay tuned as there are more updates to come!

8:30 am Along the first 2 Miles

Here are some pics from the first few miles… And They are OFF!!


UPDATED 2/24/09 7:45PM PST Posted by Nolen Grogan

We had another amazing day of weather on the lakebed today. No wind, 85 degrees and sunny. I jumped in the buggy with some of my buddies and we ran Sledgehammer, Jack North and Wrecking Ball.

We saw some carnage on Wrecking Ball, busted knuckle studs...

Bigsilly peeling out on the waterfall on Wrecking Ball

After we ran the trails, we ran into a few racers testing. This is Team Kirby peeling out. His buggy is FAST!

We ran into BigWoodyWag next. His buggy is looking sweet!!

Before we headed back to the lakebed my crew had a turn at the dunes

POSTED 2/24/09 3:40PM PST by Nolen Grogan

Photos have been added to the gallery! Check them out here - [ PHOTO GALLERY ]

POSTED 2/24/09 11:34AM PST by Tim Sanchez

’09 King of the Hammers, NOT for the Faint of Heart

Johnson Valley, California, (February 23, 2009) Tucked into a clump of desert canyons and ridges east of Means Dry Lake are eight rock crawling trails that have tested the stamina of man and machine over the past 20 years.  With names like JACKHAMMER, AFTERSHOCK, CLAWHAMMER, WRECKING BALL these rock obstacles set apart the difference between weekend warriors and the pros.

A so-called normal weekend of rock crawling may involve conquering a couple of these trails along with some lake bed fun before heading back to camp for  steaks and fireside story-telling.
The King of the Hammers is far from normal.

Plain and simple...It’s a race through the barren desert and the most difficult rocks in the Mojave Desert.
A few years ago, two passionate rock crawling guys, armed with an armada of friends behind them, thought up this idea to run ALL the Hammers trails in a race between themselves and so the “OG13” was born.  (OG=Original Group) After a successful privately held race amongst friends, Jeff Knoll and Dave Cole, worked hard to put together the inaugural and official “King of the Hammers” race.

The rest is history.

We stand here today preparing to watch the 2009 edition of this event unfold in the next couple days.
Thousands of people are expected to flood the Means Dry Lake on February 27, 2009, as racers from around the nation gather in the California desert.  We spent Sunday at the race site and already some of the world’s top drivers have arrived for what is certain to be one hell of a race. 

Dean Bulloch, Jason Scherer, Casey Currie, Jeff Mello, Nick Sessions and a handful of others have already converged on the Mojave Desert floor preparing for this year’s big event.

Titled as “The Ultimate Desert Race,” the desert/rock race will traverse 90-miles of unforgiving terrain from start to finish. 

One could argue that 90-miles in Johnson Valley, California is far from  “The Ultimate Desert Race.”  That is when you compare it to the SCORE Baja 1000, Dakar’s Africa and South American 20-day staged races, as well as a handful of others, but the King of the Hammers creators claimed this so-called tag line first, so be it.
What we do know about the 2009 version of this race is that it’s not for the faint of heart.  This invite-only race is bound to separate the field of competitors…and very early on at that.  

The first 55-miles is no walk in the park and it’s going to be wicked fast as the field of starters will eat up half of the race miles in the first 90 minutes.  The initial desert section is certain to eliminate the fast from the not-so-fast.
With the field thinned considerably by the midway point, drivers will be forced to concentrate and manage their ways through five of the toughest rock crawling obstacles in Johnson Valley, California, before charging back into the desert and towards the finish line at Means Dry Lake.

Steep faces, deep sand, big rocks, narrow slot canyons filled with massive boulders will naturally test the participants. Then throw in a whole lot of the human element such as temperament, adrenaline and the need for speed and everything changes!

Can you say carnage in the desert? CARNAGE!
Some of the top teams have already been dealt serious blows over the past week during testing sessions.  One in particular, which in this article will remain unidentified, endoed his two-seat race car 8 or 9 times before it came to a complete stop at the now erected start/finish line.

He’s been named the 2009 KOH “Throttle Junkie.”
Combining go-fast desert racing and rock crawling is one hell of a unique concept, as the majority of rock crawling is “generally” slow speed up and down through the obstacles.  Now before the naysayers shrug off the slow comments in this article, we know that not everyone is slow, but for the sake of the real world readers out there, rock crawling has long been considered calculated and slow with bursts of horsepower when needed at such obstacles as Cedar City, Utah, Three Peaks Recreation Area, where “The Wall” exists. 

Nothing but nice tires and an eruption of horsepower will get you up that steep rock slab.

Adding horsepower to a combination of desert racers and rock crawlers has already proven to be a great recipe for entertainment as they all are competing for the top spot.
The top prize in 2009 is set to be a whopping $10,000 winners award and a season contract with BFGoodrich Tires.

What does it take to conquer and be crowned the “King of the Hammers” Champion you might ask?  It takes a big heart and a unique ability to blaze across the desert at 100 miles per hour undaunted by Mother Nature.  Those two characteristics along with years of rock experience, mechanical luck and an ability to override instinctual human nature to stop in the middle of danger may be the perfect formula to claim the biggest title in many years in the world of rock motorsports. 

Shannon Campbell submitted the punishment to the entire field in 2008 when he started dead last and was the first car to cross the finish line.  Here in 2009, he is no doubt the number one target on everyone’s hit list.  This year, he has returned with a well-tested single-seat hot rod that was engineered exactly for this race.  He faces a daunting field of competitors and you can never count him out for the top spot.  

A handful of prognosticators have put in their two pennies about the outcome of this season’s main event and it’s not so much about the winners, it’s more about the carnage.  Driving fast across the desert is inherently dangerous.  Combine that with race conditions and add 99 testosterone filled men and one woman and you have a condition that is prone to extreme carnage. 

Race day is Friday, February 27, 2009. Check it out here online at www.pirate4x4.com/koh09 and www.dirtnewz.com

POSTED 2/24/09 11:12AM PST by Lance Clifford

Just a few pics of the area...

POSTED 2/24/09 11:00AM PST by Lance Clifford

The tire guys are busy getting their teams outfitted with the latest and greatest rubber.

POSTED 2/24/09 10:30AM PST by Lance Clifford

Not sure if I'm supposed to be posting this, but here it is anyway. The offical 2009 KOH race course.

POSTED 2/24/09 10:00AM PST by Lance Clifford

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Johnson Valley. The area is beginning to look more and more like something big is about to happen. RVs, semi trucks, and trucks with trailers and race cars are flowing into Means Dry Lake bed.

POSTED 2/23/09 1:30PM PST by Lance Clifford

We have LIVE streaming video running here - [ VIDEOS ] Keep in mind the Internet out here has a mind of it's own, so I do lose my signal now and then. If you get disconnected, try reconnecting. It will come back up eventually.

Stay tuned for our offical show @ 5:00PM PST. Instead of the planned radio show, we will be doing a LIVE TV/webcast here - [ VIDEOS ]

POSTED 2/20/09 11:48AM PST by Lance Clifford


We will begin live coverage of the KOH event on Monday, February 23, 2009 at 5:00PM PST with a LIVE streaming radio show from the Raceline Wheels Tent. Be sure to tune in by clicking the [ LISTEN LIVE ] link in the navigation menu above.

Tentative LIVE Streaming Radio Show Schedule
Monday @ 5:00PM PST
Tuesday @ 4:00PM PST
Wednesday @ 4:00PM PST
Thursday @ 7:30AM PST for coverage of the Last Chance Qualifier
Thursday @ 6:00PM PST for coverage of LCQ awards
Friday @ 7:00AM PST for coverage of KOH Race
Friday @ 7:00PM PST for awards ceremonies

Note - Thursday and Friday radio streams will run all day, broadcasting all announcer commentary, etc.

** Jessi Combs will be on location to bring you near-live video of the happenings at KOH beginning Tuesday, February 24, 2009. **

During the LCQ and KOH race, we will be bringing you live to the second blog-style updates and photo updates like you have never seen before. We plan to take event coverage to another level at KOH this year. We hope you won't be disappointed.

Providing we have the bandwidth to do so, we will also have live webcam feeds of various events/activities throughout the week, including the LCQ, KOH race, and awards. No promises on this one, as the Internet availability is near zero out there. But we are going to do the best we can to bring you as much cool stuff as possible.

POSTED 2/19/09 4:00PM PST by Lance Clifford

Coverage announcement!

The Pirate coverage crew will be heading down to Johnson Valley on Saturday the 19th. We will be setting up our coverage operations center on Sunday and Monday, and will begin coverage on Tuesday with a live coverage incluiding a live radio broadcast, photos, and video featuring Jessi Combs. Stay tuned for times of the live radio broadcasts and more. I should have times annouced tomorrow.

In the meantime, PLEASE check out our sponsor NATIONAL DRIVETRAIN. Without their tremendous support, our coverage would not be possible.

POSTED 2/15/09 11:10AM PST Press Release by Jeff Knoll

The second crusade of the King of the Hammers!

"Griffin Thermal Products King of the Hammers"
The Ultimate Desert races, Not a tag line, The truth!
Feb 25,26,27 2009 Johnson Valley OHV area.

Spectators welcome.

In one week the top rock sports personalities will assemble on Means Dry Lake bed in Johnson Valley OHV area. Never before have drivers from all walks of Off-road disciplines, from the farthest stretches of the earth, and from varied background’s gone head to head in what Frank DeAngelo Off-road motorsports manager for BFGoodrich tires called " One of the toughest courses that off-road racing has ever seen".

The winner of the 2009 Griffin Thermal Products King of the Hammers will receive a check from Hammerking Productions for $10,000, A full BFGoodrich Tires Contract for the 2009 race season, and contingency prizes. They will also take home the Golden Scepter, and bragging rights. Yes a guaranteed Purse of $10,000! The First team out of the Race like last year will play court Jester and build the campfire.

This will be the last driver newsletter Hammerking Productions will send out regarding the race.
We are very happy to announce a partnership between Hammerking Productions, Pinned TV, and RTM productions that will ensure a time slot on Spike TV in the spring of 2009. In addition we have attracted worldwide Media attention with a host of industry and non-industry related print media as well as Internet based media on site for the week of King of the Hammers.

For a link to the Griffin Thermal Products King of the Hammers Commercial please visit Planet Pinned.


For race day coverage please visit:




Please pass on the word of this live race day coverage.

Drivers and teams please be aware that you will need to register with Rallytrack.com for your KOH race tracker. You may do so on site, but we advise you to do so via their web site ASAP to avoid any issues. Rallytrack will be onsite and you must have the tracker installed before you will pass tech inspection. Follow the link for details on the installation process.

Please visit:

A number of vendors will have product available onsite during race week. Radio, race related, Hardware, and even a Torchmate cutting table and Ready welder booth to assist in repair of broken rigs, or remedy vehicles that can not pass tech. Hammerking Productions has made every effort to ensure your adventure is memorable. Please remember to support the vendors who support this race. Without their support we may not have been able to offer this level of service.

BF Goodrich Tires pit support
If you are using BF Goodrich tires and, would like pit support you must register with BF Goodrich. They will have professional fully staffed pits located at both Main pit, and one remote to serve you. Space is limited. Please contact BF Goodrich tires for information regarding this service.

Camping at main pit
We have made a change to the Main pit camping area. Hammerking Productions has abandoned the designated camping area for teams due to a lack of interest and complaints about pit size. Camping to the west of Boone road will be first come first served for race teams, for the Blue Torch Fab Works Last Chance Qualifier, The Griffin Thermal Products King Of The Hammers, and the Side X Side Super Jam. Camping to the east of Boone Road is for the general public and wide open. In order to fit all the teams we ask that you check in at main camp and we will direct you to the team area. Multiple rows surrounding the contingency main camp area will need to be formed to accommodate the amazing amount of people expected to attend this event. In addition we ask that while driving on the lakebed you do so at a speed of less then 25MPH to help with safety.

Event safety
Machelle Green is the KOH safety director. You may use Weatherman channel to call any safety-related issues in during the LCQ and KOH main event. On LCQ day we will have a basic life support enabled 4x4 ambulance in main camp. Life flight will be notified of our event. On KOH race day we will have two 4x4 Ambulances in main camp. One of these will be Advance life support. In addition we will have a staff of volunteers who work in the EMS industry. Ranging from first responders to Paramedics, and nursing. We can divert the helicopter in the event of an extreme emergency. Help us make this a safe event and exercise extreme caution and good judgement. Our Goal is zero recorded injuries. There will be no onsite ambulances outside the race hours.

Please Do not drive backwards on the course for any reason at anytime during race week. Keep in mind there will be a host of recreational users in the area using a multitude of OHV types during the week in multiple directions. Again we remind you to exercise extreme caution. Pre running is not pre racing. Look out for recreational users who may be driving at you at anytime during the week. Remember Johnson Valley OHV area is an open area.

Pre running the LCQ
Teams competing in the LCQ may practice during the week, but we remind you that the area may receive traffic in both directions. Be advised you may have to wait for a chance to tackle the obstacles on this trail. It is an extremely popular trail. Again Pre running is not pre racing. Be aware of your surroundings. Hammerking is not hosting prerunning for this event.

Trash, out houses, and black tanks

Hammerking will provide a limited number of outhouses in the Contingency area, we have arranged for daily cleaning of the outhouses. As a service to campers at KOH we will be providing Dump service for black and Grey RV tanks at a rate of $30.00. You may purchase tickets and sign up for service at the KOH merchandise booth. In regards to Trash, please haul out what you haul in. Our trash service is only enough to cover the trash generated by our activities. Please do not leave trash piled next to any trashcan, in bags or otherwise. The wind will spread it all across the desert in moments notice.

You must refuel over a tarp. No Fuel may touch the ground in the JVOHV area. Fluid must be retained to tarped areas during KOH race week. Each vehicle must carry a trash bag to collect spilled fluids.

King of the Hammers tentative schedules Feb. 23-27 2009.

Subject to change;

Monday Feb. 23

12:00pm –3:00pm Driver check in. Course map and GPS down loads. There are no hazards recorded on the GPS download, you must update hazards by your own exploration.
Raceline wheels main tent. Please see Melinda Foster Driver’s liaison.
(Note: Melinda Foster "Roxy" Will be driver’s main contact for race information)
Vendors begin move in. Please see Desiree Porter in Raceline wheels main tent.
(Note: Desiree Porter will be vendor liaison, and vendor contact for race information.)
Hammerking productions will not be hosting Pre running of the race course, Course workers will be marking course during week, please be advised and maintain a safe speed while enjoying the JVOHV area. Please maintain 25 MPH speed limit on the Means lake bed during race week.
5:00pm Raceline main tent
KOH meet and great, and Happy Hour. Drinks will not be provided
6:00pm: Raceline main tent;
Pre race address by Hammerking Production Inc.
Opening ceremonies, 2009 race announcement.
Future of King of the Hammers Ultimate desert race.

Tuesday Feb.24

10:00am- 2:00pm Driver check in, race maps, and GPS down loads available at Raceline main tent.
Media package interviews by appointment. (Multiple locations.) Limited Media packages still available see Dave Cole for details.
Merchandise booth opens
Vendor booth moves in
6:00pm - 6:30pm

"Making the most of your 15 minutes" seminar with Dustin Webster presented by Rockit Motorsports
6:30 PM - 8:00pm "GPS basics" seminar presented by PCI race radio’s

Weds. Feb.25
7:00am stage sidexside race at koh start finish line
8:00am sidexside SuperJam starts.
10:00am – 2:00pm final KOH driver check in, race maps and GPS down loads at Raceline main tent
10:00am – 2:00pm LCQ last chance check in and tech.
Check in at Raceline main tent
LCQ tech located at BFGoodrich tires Main pit in contingency row.
12:00pm last chance to move vendors into contingency row.
4:00pm mandatory drivers meeting at Raceline main tent. (We will take roll call please send a member of your team.) Meeting starts promptly.
5:00pm dinner hosted by raceline wheels. Raceline presentation.
5:30pm Syntek presentation.
6:15 pm –7:15pm "Fire safety" seminar. Hosted by Joe Hanson, and presented by DJ Safety.
7:15-8:15pm "Weatherman speaks" Radio protocol with The weatherman, presented by PCI race radio’s.
8:30- ???? Werock Side x Side race awards
Campfire, bench racing, and pre run Lies to follow.

Thursday Feb 26
Blue Torch Fab Works Last Chance Qualifier event. Backdoor Trail.
7:00am Stage for Blue Torch Fab Works Last Chance Qualifier at Start finish line.
7:30am Live coverage begins on Pirate 4x4.com
8:00am- 2:00pm Last chance qualifier race. KOH main camp start/ finish. Located on Backdoor trail
12:00 pm- 5:00pm Contingency and race tech for KOH in the center of main camp. All koh race vehicles must participate in race contingency. No vehicles will be admitted to contingency line after 5:00pm. Race suits and helmets are required at Tech inspection. Tech inspection located at the BFGoodrich tires semi in main camp.
No late registartion for this event. Each team must complete contingency and tech to race.

6:00pm Blue Torch Fab Works LCQ awards, and Volunteer raffle in the main tent. Presented by the KOH sponsors and race teams.
10:00pm quiet hours in KOH main pits.

Friday Feb 27
Griffin Thermal Products King of the Hammers Main event.
5:30am begin race line up staged at LCQ finish line. Parade lap through contingency to the starting line All cars must be staged by 7:30 am.
7:00 am Live coverage begins on Pirate 4x4.com
7:30 am Opening ceremonies, Morning invocation. National Anthem. Grand Marshall Walker Evans.
8:00 am King of the Hammers 2009 begins. Race will start promptly at 8:00 am. 2 drivers at a time, 30 second intervals.
Check point closure to follow in your onsite information package.
5:00pm Race ends.
7:00pm awards ceremony in Raceline main tent.
7:30pm BF Goodrich tires presentation
8:00pm Raceline wheels presentation
8:30pm Hammerking Productions closing ceremonies.

Sat Feb 28
Event ends 12:00 am.

All day Johnson Valley OHV area trail repair and clean up.
Please haul out what you haul in. Help us continue this exciting event for many years by participating in the restoration of the event site. Thank you for coming to the 2009 Griffin Thermal Products King of the Hammers.

Contingency Row
You may line up at any time Thursday for Contingency, but we will not start until 12:00 pm.
If you would like to participate in contingency you must negotiate with each vendor individually.
Each vendor has his or her own requirements and offers. Hammerking has still not received information regarding the vendors contingency offers, but the following vendors will have booth space in contingency row.

Contingency KOH 2009
Ready welder; Booth space V9
Ready welder to the vehicle that travels the least amount of miles in KOH and has approved vendor stickers and paper work
Cash purse to the last driver to finish KOH with a ready welder on board, approved stickers and required paper work.

Trail Gear; Booth space V10
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

Moab Motorsports Booth space V 21
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

Extreme wheelers for Christ Booth space V27 V 28 V29
Providing dinner to race teams sponsors and volunteers one night

Premiere Power welder booth space V27 V 28 V29
Unknown contingency

Raceline wheels by Allied Booth space V30 Main tent
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency providing main tent, dinner for race teams , volunteers and sponsors. And additional promotion of KOH 2009

BFGoodrich tires Booth space B1
Official tire of KOH. Full sponsor contract to winner of KOH
No requirements outside winning the race.

Mastercraft seats booth space V11
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

Trail ready beadlocks booth space V20 V19
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

Maxxis Tire Booth space B2
Unknown contingency

JE Reel drivelines Booth space V8
448 S Reservoir Street
Pomona, CA 91766
Running Product and Sticker on both sides of vehicle.
1. $500.00
2. 250.00
Cash only for 1st & 2nd Gift Certificates
3. 100.00
4. 50.00
5. 25.00
Running sticker only on both sides of vehicle
2. 125.00
Cash only for 1st & 2nd Gift Certificates
3. 100.00
4. 50.00
5. 25.00
Must check in and register for contingency

4x4drivetrain parts.com. Booth space V8
4037 Phelan Road, Suite A, PMB 193
Phelan, CA 92371
Running Product and Sticker on both sides of vehicle.
Must check in and fill out Contingency paperwork

*QA1 booth space L15
Unknown contingency

Pirate 4x4 booth space B7
Unknown contingency

4wheel parts wholesalers booth space B4
Unknown contingency

Rallytrack Booth B6
Tracking of KOH race

WERock booth space V18

Speed scene live Booth space V14
Web based TV coverage

D&G tuning booth space V1
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

Jefferies racing/ K&N air filter unknown booth space
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

Diamond axle booth space V12
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

PSC booth space V6- V7
Event sponsor
Top finisher with PSC products and stickers $500.00
2nd finisher with PSC Products and stickers $300.00
3rd Finisher with PSC products and stickers $200.00
Must register for Contingency .

PRP seats booth space V5
Contingency unknown
PCI booth space B3
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

*Rugged race radios booth space V3
Unknown contingency

Pinned TV Booth space B5
Hammerking productions

Extreme Engineering Booth space V23
No contingency
Event sponsor

Blue Torch Fab Booth space B11
Unknown contingency

Poly Performance Booth space V13
Unknown contingency
Event sponsor

Currie Engineering booth space B8
Event sponsor
Unknown contingency

Walker Evans racing wheels booth space V4
Grand Marshal
Unknown contingency

Griffin Thermal Products Title sponsor main tent
Event sponsor
Unknown Contingency

Crane Hi Clearance booth space L1
Crane Hi Clearance will be offering $400 for first place, $300 for second, $200 for third place $50 for 4th thru10th place. For any team running Crane knuckles or Crane (CHC style also) diff covers on their KOA racecar provided the parts are painted (Mopar Grabber Green or Sublime Mopar Green) during the race and qualifying. Payment may be cash/check or trade for equal value in Crane parts. Stickers must be run on at least one side of the car. Paint/stickers will be available at our booth or earlier in the week at our camper.

Spidertrax Booth V2
Spidertrax 2009 King of the Hammers Contingency Program
For the 2009 King of the Hammers (KOH) race Spidertrax Off-Road has implemented a race contingency program that offers cash rewards and full replacement of any damaged Spidertrax Off-Road parts for accepted applicants. Racers competing in the main event will be awarded cash prices in the amounts of (1st Place-$1000.00, 2nd Place-$500.00, 3rd Place-$250.00). See Spidertrax for full details

DJ Safety
Safety seminar only

Dirtsports magazine. Booth V16 V17
Media outlet

Torchmate Booth L18-L19

UDS Brian Booth space B9

Radflo shocks Booth space L2

*Army recruiters Booth space L5

Trent Fab L9

Karl Scanlin Motorsports L11

Shirt Force L3
KOH clothing

Hammerking productions L4

National Drivetrain.com Booth space L8

Friends of Johnson Valley L10

Traxxas Booth space B10
Event sponsor

*Twisted stitch Booth space L13

*Gear one Booth space Unknown

*Finishline west Both space L12

*KMC wheels booth Space L14

*VIO onboard camera’s Booth Space L20
Booth space L 20
Official onboard camera

This event takes place Weds Feb 25, Thursday Feb 26th, and Friday Feb 27th 2009 on Means dry lake in the Johnson Valley OHV area, by Permit from the BLM Barstow field Office, and San Bernardino Film Commission. A Hammerking Productions Inc. event sanctioned by WEROCK Events.

Welome to the future!

Who will take home the crown, and $10,000?


POSTED 2/9/09 12:00PM PST posted by Lance

Have you seen Shannon Campbell's new IFS KOH rig? If not, you better check it out. It's a work of art.

POSTED 2/9/09 11:55AM PST posted by Lance

Featured King of the Hammers Rig
Check out John Reynold's tricked out and refined KOH Bronco.

POSTED 2/6/09 1:52PM PST posted by Lance

So you've been spending every last waking minute prepping your rig for the big race, and you think you have it all dialed in. But what about the big picture? Do you have a complete race plan including a pit strategy? In this article I will give you a few tips for operating a safe, and efficent pit.

POSTED 2/6/09 1:50PM PST posted by Lance

Dave sent me a revised LCQ list. The first one was missing three drivers. See the list below.

POSTED 2/5/09 11:50AM PST posted by Lance

KOH fever is at full tilt, and it's only a few weeks away from race day. But before the 3rd running of the King of the Hammers can take place, there will be the "Blue Torch Fab Last Chance Qualifer" for approximately 13 available positions.

With that said, here is the offiial starting order of the "Blue Torch Fab Last Chance Qualifier" to be held on Thursday, February 26, 2009 on the infamous "Back Door" trail at Johnson Valley.

Starting Position
Team Name
1 Allan Grady Over the Top Crawlers
2 Eric Holder Pikes Peak Rovers
3 Clayton Kraatz Evolution Machine
4 Gary Hall
5 Greg Hussey Team Snivel
6 Stephen Watson Offroad Design
7 Eric Hackney Webster Gears
8 Craig Thompson S&T Motorsports
9 Branden Johnson SXOR
10 Ryan Jensen Hazardous Concepts
11 Chris May Yota Off Road
12 Matthew Legg Cowbell Racing
13 Bill Schueler Jagged X Racing
14 Chad Burchik Ground Control Racing
15 John Markovich Marko Customs Racing
16 Troy Bailey TNT Racing
17 Kim Sears Rock Out Racing
18 Jason Pickett Terminal Velocity
19 Kevin Sacalas SCAT
20 Chad Hummer
21 James Andrus Midget Racing
22 Brandon Davis Team Ballzout
23 Clint Ellett Tanner 4x4
24 Bryan Crofts GenRight
25 Loren Healey 667 Rockers
26 Dan Trout Fish Mouth Fab
27 Matt Overton Shake n Bake Racing
28 Pete Norris Tanner 4x4
29 Sam Winget Winget Racing
30 Adam Carter ORC
31 Eric Graves EG
32 Jose Manuel Ponce GTO Rocks Racing
33 Todd McCullen Desert Fab Motorsports
34 Scott Angel Rubber Belly Racing
35 Terill Johnston Outlaw Motorsports
36 Nazir Adam Team Adam Racing
37 Josh Patt Rock TechRacing

POSTED 2/2/09 10:00AM posted by Dave Cole

Everything is finally coming together, and I know I need to write a formal press release, but I wanted to get this out there. I am very pleased to announce that Griffin Radiator has joined the KOH family as our Title Sponsor.

Griffin was onsite last year for the race and we've been working with them over the course of this year to expand our coverage and provide the best experience possible for the drivers and fans.

As such, I'm also pleased to announce our Television schedule for this years race. King of the Hammers 2009 will air as part of a half hour special on the Spike TV program "Xtreme 4X4" seen Saturdays and Sundays within the networks two hour PowerBlock.

Race coverage will be produced by Pinned TV in collaboration with Hammerking Productions and Hobie Smith.

RTM Productions Host and Technical Producer, Ian Johnson, will be on location serving as host of this Xtreme 4X$/KOH Special.

Tentative air dates for the special on Spike TV are: 6/27/09, 6/28/09, 9/19/09, 9/20/09 (times and dates subject to Network scheduling).

Pinned, Hammerking, and Hobie will also collaborate to release the KOH 2009 "The Second Crusade" DVD. The DVD will contain full coverage of the race along with a significant amount of bonus footage including excerpts from our drivers seminars, action clips, bloopers, and Fan Cam (stay tuned for details about that).

Thank you very much for your patience and look for some other big announcements from Hammerking and Pirate4x4 about our Live coverage of both the big race and the Blue Torch Fab WorksLast Chance Qualifier (one last little bombshell )


UPDATED 10/6/08

The starting order has been released!

Racers will start side-by-side, two at a time in 15 second intervals.

Starting Position Name   Starting Position Name
1 Jeff Mello   2 Tom Wayes
3 Will Carter   4 Matt Messer
5 Rusty Bray   6 LCQ10
7 Jason Paule   8 Clay Egan
9 Roger Lovell   10 JR Van Ortwick
11 Jody Everding   12 Cary Steiner
13 Ian McGlynn   14 Drew Burroughs
15 Becca Webster   16 Sukenic
17 Randy Slawson   18 Buzz Bronsema
19 LCQ1   20 Wyatt Pemberton
21 JT Taylor   22 Jack Adams
23 Bart Dixon   24 Derek Trent
25 Jason Scherer   26 LCQ8
27 Richard Gauthier   28 LCQ 12
29 LCQ4   30 Tracy Jordan
31 Cottin Rodd   32 Nathan La Russo
33 Robert Usnick   34 LCQ3
35 Casey Currie   36 Jason Conover
37 Shane Henry   38 RJ Brown
39 LCQ 11   40 Kevin Yoder
41 Nick Sessions   42 Dustin Emick
43 Ryan Melton   44 Eric Anderson
45 Jesse Haines   46 Brian Ellinger
47 Scott Porter   48 Derek West
49 LCQ2   50 LCQ5
51 Rob Mc Kinney   52 Drew Goldie
53 LCQ9   54 Ted Wiens
55 Marty Hart   56 Doug Bigelow
57 Brad Lovell   58 John Reynolds
59 RG Dickey   60 Brandon Naves
61 Greg Adler   62 Ian Plaine
63 Barry Beadle   64 Dean Bulloch
65 Shannon Campbell   66 Bob Roggy
67 Adam Woodlee   68 Joey Archuleta
69 Dave Buchberger   70 Jack Graef
71 Dave Schneider   72 Rick Deremo
73 John James   74 Wayne Israelsen
75 Rob Bonney   76 Joachim Schwiesow
77 Hobie Smith   78 Nicole Johnson
79 Damon Jefferies   80 Williams
81 Ray Mandel   82 Ken Mercer
83 Pete Sohren   84 LCQ6
85 Weston Blackie   86 Rick Mooneyham
87 Brett Porter   88 Dieter Duytschaever
89 LCQ7   90 Larry Gipson
91 Scott Ellinger   92 Brian Shirley

* Hammer King Productions Inc. reserves the right to add/delete/modify this list at any time.