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Quest for the Crown Will be Highly Competitive

January 11th, 2012– Johnson Valley, CA:  On Friday, February 10th, 2012 more than 100 drivers are expected to compete in the 6th annual Griffin King of The Hammers. The level of talent and experience lining up at the start of this year’s race has never been seen before in Johnson Valley.  The contestants vying for a chance to be crowned the 2012 King range from former kings, Dakar finishers, to international drivers and short course champions.

All former kings will be returning to reclaim their crown and the competition among them is expected to be fierce.  Shannon Campbell is the only king to win the Griffin King of The Hammers twice in both 2008 and 2011 and his fans are hoping for a three-peat. Jason Scherer, the 2009 king, took 3rd place in 2011 as he and Campbell battled throughout the final lap until Scherer’s vehicle suffered mechanical issues.  2010 king, Loren Healy is returning to the lake bed fresh from a victory over both Campbell and Scherer in the 2011 Ultra4 Series finale at Glen Helen.  Expect to see all three kings racing back to back for a starting position during the 4Wheel Parts Qualifying rounds on Tuesday night. The fastest time will determine starting position on Friday.

Several short course champions are already qualified for the race and will be joining the former kings on Tuesday competing for starting positions. Among them will be Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Champion, Greg Adler who finished 5th in last year’s King of the Hammers. He will be joined by TORC Racing’s Casey Currie and Brad Lovell.  Both drivers have placed in the top 20 at prior King of the Hammers. Veteran desert racer, TJ Flores is another cross-over driver competing this year. This will be Flores’ first King of The Hammers and his co-driver will be Ultra4 veteran, Dave Schneider.

Perhaps the most anticipated cross-over driver competing in the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers is racing icon, Robby Gordon.  Gordon’s racing experience includes wins in NASCAR and off road racing, notably the Baja 1000.  He will return to the states from the Dakar Rally with just enough time to prep and pre-run for his first ever Griffin King of the Hammers.  Gordon will be driving the winning Jimmy’s 4×4 car that Healy drove to a victory in 2010. The car is being provided by Cancun Off Road.

Gordon will not be the only person traveling internationally to compete. Several international drivers are returning this year including Australia’s Ben Napier. Napier placed 10th in last year’s race and finished 2nd overall in the 2011 Ultra4 Series.  Other returning international drivers include; Masanori Tsuda from Japan, Fabio Manno from Italy, Jose Manuel Ponce from Mexico and Curtis Warner from Canada.  New international drivers making the trek to Johnson Valley will be Aussie Nick Finch and Belgium driver Axel Burmann.

This will be the first year that starting order will be determined by a qualifying race.  Over the course of two days, 160 teams will be vying for the fastest time through the 4Wheel Parts Qualifying course. More than 70 Last Chance Qualifier contestants will be competing for one of 20 spots remaining in the Griffin King of The Hammers, while 90 pre-qualified racers will be competing for their starting order. Attached is a complete list of drivers competing in the 2012 Griffin King of The Hammers sorted by their qualifier starting position.

To learn more about the race and for a complete schedule of events, please visit www.ultra4racing.com

Day Order Race Name Race Number City State
Tues 1 LCQ Dustyn Friesen 313    
Tues 2 KOH Harold Fijman 777 San Ramon CA
Tues 3 LCQ Billy Briney 4439 Ness City KS
Tues 4 LCQ Joey Archuleta 127 Aurora CO
Tues 5 KOH Greg Adler 210 Manhattan Beach CA
Tues 6 LCQ Steve Norton 737 Floyd Knobs IN
Tues 7 KOH Kevin Yoder 4434 Grass Valley CA
Tues 8 LCQ Greg Davis 4458 Kaysville UT
Tues 9 KOH Jose Manuel Ponce 9009 Morelia MEX
Tues 10 LCQ Ben Dinkins 4403 Annopolis MO
Tues 11 LCQ Doug Kahlstrom 927 Lampasas TX
Tues 12 LCQ Doug Evans 4457 Hayfork CA
Tues 13 KOH Cottin Rodd 4407 Cortez CO
Tues 14 LCQ Brian Tilton 4416 Orangevale CA
Tues 15 LCQ Nathan Unruh 63 Clovis CA
Tues 16 KOH Bunny Rose 812 Frederick MD
Tues 17 LCQ Rob Lynch 4463 Spokane WA
Tues 18 KOH Brent Goegebuer 4473 Corona CA
Tues 19 KOH John Reynolds 4427    
Tues 20 KOH Rob McKeeney 8    
Tues 21 KOH Curtis Warner 4410 Armstrong BC
Tues 22 LCQ Ryan Atkins 928 Parker AZ
Tues 23 KOH Mike Turner 817 Incline Village NV
Tues 24 KOH Todd McCullen 4422    
Tues 25 LCQ Richard Martinez   Santa Ana CA
Tues 26 KOH Aaron Robinson(William) 3006 Sparks NV
Tues 27 LCQ Jeremy Hammer 97 Phoenix AZ
Tues 28 LCQ Jeremy Dickenson 4419 Cedar Park TX
Tues 29 LCQ Nicholas McGaha 505 Ridgecrest CA
Tues 30 LCQ Shane Gilroy 380 Mayerthorpe Alberta
Tues 31 LCQ Michael Feagins 929 Batesville IN
Tues 32 KOH Mel Wade 4451 Long Beach CA
Tues 33 KOH Brandon Watson 4488 Carbondale CO
Tues 34 KOH Eric Brown 502 Las Vegas NV
Tues 35 KOH Jason Picket 4444 Ft. Collins CO
Tues 36 KOH Scott Ward 4438 Lake Havasu City AZ
Tues 37 LCQ John David 333 Fountain CO
Tues 38 LCQ Kevin Gamble 4476 Chula Vista CA
Tues 39 LCQ Brian McCarthy 415 San Rafael Ct CA
Tues 40 KOH Jim Brown 101 Ukiah CA
Tues 41 LCQ Andrew McLaughlin 4493 Mesa AZ
Tues 42 KOH Mike Klensin 4431 Tucson AZ
Tues 43 LCQ Tony Arledge 595 Austin TX
Tues 44 LCQ Cody Addington 4680 Foresthill CA
Tues 45 LCQ Ian McGlynn 123 Seattle WA
Tues 46 LCQ Michael Anderson 21 Auburn CA
Tues 47 KOH Brett Porter 4460 Colorado Springs CO
Tues 48 LCQ Eric Morales 4425 Lincoln CA
Tues 49 LCQ Darren Batt 82 Woodward OK
Tues 50 LCQ Scott Morris 4492 Sunman IN
Tues 51 KOH Lucas Murphy 816 Easton MA
Tues 52 LCQ Robb Kaufman 22 RockyView County CAN
Tues 53 LCQ Mike Nappi 4490 Idaho Springs CO
Tues 54 KOH Les Figueroa 4478 Henderson NV
Tues 55 KOH Bart Dixon 26 San Diego CA
Tues 56 LCQ Hal Deschamp 4445 Whittier CA
Tues 57 KOH Alan Woodson 86 Charlottesville VA
Tues 58 LCQ Larry  McRae 4581 Banning CA
Tues 59 KOH John Sweet 366    
Tues 60 LCQ Paul Garner 4409 Queen Creek AZ
Tues 61 LCQ Joe Bunker 864 Monroe WA
Tues 62 KOH John James 28 Fresno CA
Tues 63 KOH Jason Blanton 966 Kirkland WA
Tues 64 KOH Alex Hardaway 4481 Santa Rosa CA
Tues 65 LCQ Dustin Sexton 4437 Kamas UT
Tues 66 KOH Roger Lovell 4432    
Tues 67 KOH Warren Thomas 257 Morro Bay CA
Tues 68 LCQ Jason Shipman 4414 Farmington MO
Tues* 69 KOH Gary Ferravanti Sr 4446 Paso Robles CA
Tues* 70 KOH Bill Phillips 4480 Whittier CA
Tues* 71 KOH Matt Peterson 212 Colorado Springs CO
Tues* 72 KOH Rick Mooneyham 554 Lake Havasu City AZ
Tues* 73 KOH Tom Wayes 321 San Jose CA
Tues* 74 KOH Tony Pellegrino 4485 Simi Valley CA
Tues* 75 KOH Ben Napier 4461 Sydney AUS
Tues* 76 KOH Randy Slawson 4448 Colton CA
Tues* 77 KOH Matt Messer 17 Fresno CA
Tues* 78 KOH Casey Currie 2 Anaheim CA
Tues* 79 KOH Brad Lovell 232 Colorado Springs CO
Tues* 80 KOH Jason Scherer 76 Danville CA
Tues* 81 KOH Loren Healy 4428 Farmington NM
Tues* 82 KOH Shannon Campbell 5 Gilbert AZ
Wed 83 KOH Eric Anderson 66 Apple Valley CA
Wed 84 KOH Nick Campbell 8 Gilbert AZ
Wed 85 LCQ John Scheidhauer   Memphis TN
Wed 86 KOH Brendon Thompson      
Wed 87 LCQ Jeff Russell 4427 Shadow Hills CA
Wed 88 KOH BJ Allen 4426 Dallas TX
Wed 89 LCQ James Plant 4564 San Antonio TX
Wed 90 KOH Axel Burmann 68 Antwerp BEL
Wed 91 LCQ Jeremy Hengl 85 Orangevale CA
Wed 92 LCQ Jon Bundrant 80 Hemet CA
Wed 93 KOH Fabio Manno 100 Rome Italy
Wed 94 LCQ Chris Garrison 4494 Rancho Cordova CA
Wed 95 KOH Darren Henke 4441 Golden CO
Wed 96 LCQ Jeff Rector 4505 Rangely CO
Wed 97 KOH Gary Ferravanti Jr 4475 Paso Robles CA
Wed 98 KOH JT Stephens 4454 Little Rock AR
Wed 99 LCQ Dave Bovich 50 Shasta Lake CA
Wed 100 LCQ Chris Hoyt 53 Castle Rock CO
Wed 101 LCQ Hunter Sparrow 72 Arvada CO
Wed 102 KOH Mike Colville 4418 Fenton MI
Wed 103 KOH Nick Finch 2228 Dean Park NSW 2761 Australia
Wed 104 KOH Casey Beach 4484 Herriman UT
Wed 105 KOH Andrew Hoit 4497 Fontana CA
Wed 106 LCQ Jay Sadler 915 Portland OR
Wed 107 LCQ Matt Burkett   Fort Worth TX
Wed 108 LCQ Paul Hoffman 4483 Victorville CA
Wed 109 LCQ Lance Hamilton 4442 Folsom CA
Wed 110 LCQ Gerald Lee 4688 Tustin CA
Wed 111 KOH Craig Ross 4138 Montrose CO
Wed 112 KOH Stan Haynes 4408    
Wed 113 LCQ Chad Wheeler 4423 Denver CO
Wed 114 KOH Hobie Smith 10 Burbank CA
Wed 115 KOH Jeff Knoll 4470 Menifee CA
Wed 116 KOH Andy Brown (PSC) 4455 San Diego CA
Wed 117 LCQ Shawn Inman 187 Fredericksburg TX
Wed 118 KOH Jason Carner 16 Birmingham AL
Wed 119 KOH Brad Falin 457 Fernley NV
Wed 120 LCQ Mitch Funk 4515 Altamont UT
Wed 121 LCQ Darren Runion      
Wed 122 LCQ Phil Pasciak 7 Minden NV
Wed 123 KOH Masanori Tsuda 51 Nara JPN
Wed 124 KOH John Webb 4468 Concord CA
Wed 125 KOH Larry Anderson 742 Dixon CA
Wed 126 KOH Mat Noualy 328 Mount Albert, Ontario Canada
Wed 127 KOH Nick Nelson 4404 Las Vegas NV
Wed 128 LCQ Ritchie Keller 202 Elkland MO
Wed 129 LCQ Troy Stone 4429 Winton CA
Wed 130 KOH Jon Cagliero 27 Paso Robles CA
Wed 131 LCQ Dustin Isenhour   Northglenn CO
Wed 132 LCQ Brian Whitford 711 Oakley CA
Wed 133 LCQ George Kane 4514 Long Beach CA
Wed 134 LCQ Kim Matzen 4436 Silver Spring MD
Wed 135 KOH Travis Carpenter 4405 Orangevale CA
Wed 136 LCQ Matthew Lee 4479 Ft Collins CO
Wed 137 KOH Richie Carter 4474 Simi Valley CA
Wed 138 LCQ Greg Lundeen 701 Broomfield CO
Wed 139 KOH Sean Rose 914 Miamisburg OH
Wed 140 KOH Mike McClure 733 Ness City KS
Wed 141 LCQ George Styrc   Rio Rancho NM
Wed 142 LCQ Jason Weidhuner 968 Washougla WA
Wed 143 LCQ Jason Fish 117 Louviers CO
Wed 144 LCQ Aaron Beckstead 1911 Clear Lake CA
Wed 145 LCQ Jack Childers 4469 Nunn CO
Wed 146 KOH Ivan VanOrtwick 4466 Whittier CA
Wed* 147 KOH Bill Baird 5252 Sturgis KY
Wed* 148 KOH Bill Kreisel 407 Citrus Heights CA
Wed* 149 KOH Brian Shirley 18 Dodge City KS
Wed* 150 KOH Levi Shirley 81 Dodge City KS
Wed* 151 KOH TJ Flores 4471 Henderson NV
Wed* 152 KOH Robby Gordon 77    
Wed* 153 KOH Dean Bulloch 4411 Cedar City UT
Wed* 154 KOH Dustin Emick 343    
Wed* 155 KOH JT Taylor 13    
Wed* 156 KOH Kevin Sacalas 4435 Riverside CA
Wed* 157 KOH Jesse Haines 4499 Sparks NV
Wed* 158 KOH Erik Miller 4421 Cumberland MD
Wed* 159 KOH Doug Bigelow 4413 Emmitsburg MD
Wed* 160 KOH Derek West 4420 Springfield MO
Wed* 161 KOH Rusty Bray 4498 Richmond KY

* Indicates drivers who will be racing during the Ultra4 “Happy Hour” of live racing on Tuesday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 8th.  The broadcast will air on www.ultra4racing.com/live.

About Ulra4 Racing: Ultra4 is a vehicle type, class and series.  Ultra4 Racing was born from the popularity of the annual Griffin King of the Hammers, considered to be the toughest one-day off-road race. The vehicles are unlimited four-wheel drive, capable of competing in multiple racing disciplines – extreme rock crawling, high-speed desert racing and short course.  In five years, the sport has grown significantly from the inaugural King of the Hammers to an eight race national series including a regional east and west championship and a three-race pro series.  Ultra4 Racing is managed by Hammerking Productions located in Lake Arrowhead, CA.  To learn more, log on towww.ultra4racing.com.

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