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CORONA, California (May 11, 2015) – Casey Currie’s King of the Hammers straight axle Jeep performed so well this year, that he has decided to run it at the premier 2015 SCORE Baja 500 race in June. This marks the first time Casey will be racing in the Trophy Truck class.

Casey will be racing with his uncle, John Currie, who has competed and won many championships and races. They will be splitting the driving duties and as a team, John and Casey the technical know-how and the racing acumen to face the challenge the SCORE Baja 500 has.When asked about having his uncle as his co-driver, he commented “I am excited to have my Uncle drive part of the race. We have spent a lot of time together testing and building the vehicle. He understands the race Jeep as well as me and I feel he can help bring the Jeep home safe to the finish.“

As one of the premier Baja races, the Baja 500 is more than running full speed through the desert – it is about finding the balance between driving finesse, vehicle power, and raw speed. Casey will have to contend with a nearly 500-mile course through silt, beaches, salt rocks, mountainous terrain and high-speed turns. All of which will test Casey and the vehicle to the limit.

Casey is excited about breaking into the prestigious SCORE Trophy Truck class. “This is my first time racing in the trophy truck class at the Baja 500. I am very excited to be bringing down our Race Jeep to Mexico. I absolutely love it down here and can’t wait to start pre running. Our plan is to finish, to set a pace that will not damage the car and get us to the finish line without down time. This Jeep is a straight axle Jeep coming straight from the Hammers and the last time that has happened was in 1997 with Curt Leduc when he won the championship.”

Casey’s Baja 500 vehicle would not have been possible without the huge amount of support from Monster Energy, BFGoodrich Tires, Walker Evans Racing Wheels, and Rigid Industries. They stepped up big to help Casey realize this dream. In addition, the continued loyal support by all of Casey’s other sponsors allows him to continue to run and make possible all his accomplishments. In Casey’s words, “Without my sponsors I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. It is because of them that I can achieve all this. Thank you – I am so fortunate to work with each of them.”

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Casey Currie not only grew up around racing—he lives it. Born into the world of Off-Road and NASCAR through the likes of his Father and Grandfather, the name Currie has been synonymous with racing since before Casey’s time. His penchant for chasing checkered flags was inevitable, and on a dirt bike at the age of 5, Casey began his racing career. If it was meant for driving, Casey has driven it and driven it well. With a long line of podiums and wins in Baja, Super Moto, and Short Course racing, Casey is arguably the most multi-faceted driver in the Off-Road space. Earning his seat with Monster Energy and winning his first Pro Lite Championship in the TORC series in 2010, while still an avid participant in as many other races as he can attend, the California native continues to push the envelope. No matter the field, or class in which he races, Casey’s consistent focus is on how to be faster. “We never go home and just prep—we always go home and make better.”Follow Casey this year on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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