Pirate 4x4

Tuning Levels:

· Off Road: A tune that behaves like the regular tune but has lowered throttle sensitivity. A lowered throttle sensitivity gives the driver more control over the power they are putting to the ground. In rough conditions a sensitive throttle can be dangerous.
· Regular/ Tow Tune: Great for everyday driving and light towing, will add a little over 10 hp to the wheels at full throttle.
· Premium: 91 octane fuel or better. Could see 15 to 20hp.

Download Features: features only available by downloading.
· Speed Limiter: Adjust from 45mph to 200mph.
· Rev Limiter in Drive: Adjust from 5000 rpm to 6500 rpm.
· Rev Limiter in Neutral: Adjust from 5000 rpm to 5700 rpm.
· Calibrate Speedometer: Adjust from a tire size of 23.2″ up to 45.5″.

Special Features: These features can be used with or without installing a download.
· Engine Fan: Turn the engine fan on or off.
· IDLE Up: Change engine idle when in park or neutral.
· TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system): Air down to under 10 PSI without a light.
· Disable Traction Control: Completely disable traction control, great for off road.
· Sway Bar Disconnect: (Rubicon only) Disconnect the sway bar up to 30 mph automatically, there is no physical installation required.
· Lockers: (Rubicon only) Engage lockers in 2wd 4wHi and 4wLow, this feature is recommended for those who know how lockers work.

Jeep 3.8L Dyno Charts

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