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Want to be identified as one of the Cool Kids on Pirate? Now you can have all the same benefits as a Red Star Member and donate to Blue Ribbon Coalition. Pirate 4×4.com has recently launched it’s “Blue Star” program which donates $10.00 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition with your Pirate membership.

Save our trails, support BRC

In recent years the Pirate4x4.com website has become a Juggernaut for Land Use issues all across the nation, with Letter Writing Campaigns, Travel Management Projects, Virtual Rallies Donation Campaigns and Fundraisers for our trails. Pirate 4×4 has been the information hub reaching out to our community, with education, news and support for our Land Use Organizations.

Pirate4X4 Owner Lance Clifford and Pirate Land Use Guy Kurt Schneider have been working diligently behind the scenes to launch this program for BRC. The truth of it is, it benefits us all, as recently posted by Kurtuleas “ I pray that my three little boys will be able to wheel, camp and experience nature like I have. That’s the whole reason I do what I do”. Pirate 4×4 also boasts the largest Land Use community anywhere on the web, with personalities and Access Warriors like Don Amador, John Stewart, Del Alright, and the Bakers just to name a few.

We are setting precedence in saving our trails by providing a constant trickle of funding for the biggest and most effective Land Use Organization, who is out there day by day fighting for our right to access our Public Lands.

Follow this link to get your Blue Ribbon Blue Star today!!


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