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Those wanting to replace the CV joint on an 4WD OEM high speed driveshaft are often forced to purchase a complete driveshaft assembly, as high speed driveshaft service components aren’t available from the OEM. Thereby, adding significant expense to the repair. Rockford Driveline offers a money-saving solution with their High Speed CV Joint product line. Rockford reduces repair expense by enabling the user to simply change-out the defective CV joint, while maintaining the balance of the OEM high speed CV driveshaft.  Rockford Driveline High Speed CV Joints come “fully loaded” and are produced to meet the design requirements of the original equipment manufacturer. The new assembly includes Rockford’s super-strength OE designed housing with precision-engineered internal components, as well as the new CV boot, end cap, grease, and hardware needed to do the job right. Applications are available for most major vehicle makes: http://rockforddriveline.com/13_HighSpeedCV_2012_03.pdf.  Rockford also offers splined hubs, boot kits, crimping fixtures and other components for servicing OEM high speed CV driveshaft assemblies. For more information call 815-962-1411, or visit www.rockforddriveline.com.

About Rockford Driveline
Since 1947 Rockford Driveline has been a leading producer of drive line components for OEM suppliers, the automotive aftermarket and various Department of Defense agencies.  Rockford Drive Line is well known for competitively priced, OEM quality drive line components, and the provision of unique part solutions that aren’t offered by other suppliers. The company’s success can be attributed to investment in high production manufacturing equipment, stringent quality control procedures and in anticipating and meeting the customer’s demands for quality, price and availability. Rockford product offerings for driveline include CV Joints, CV components, service and repair parts, yokes, splined stubs, universal joints, conversion parts, prop shaft assemblies, support bearings, boot kits, tools and other specialty items for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models.

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