Pirate 4x4

Pioneering events, champions, and grassroots efforts are the backbone of the motorsports industry, and Torchmate has built its company around making CNC cutting systems available to anyone who dreams of building the equipment to tackle the challenges of that industry. Its no surprise that success follows the prepared in this world, and Torchmate has proven its racing team a tough prospect to beat.  Brand Ambassadors who have transcended sports, to events that have captured the imagination of the off road world Torchmate has a knack for finding the right combination of partnerships to elevate its product line, and support the lifestyle it has become ingrained in. Now Torchmate wants to hear from that industry, and beyond.

During the Month of August 2012 Torchmate Racing will accept sponsorship proposals for its 2013 Motorsports Marketing Campaign. We want to push outside our comfort zone and search out the next great developer in a world filled with speed and adrenaline.  Are you an event promoter, with a growing series that requires fabrication, a grassroots team building in the shop behind your house, the professional with a staff of fabricators, or the rugged individual who builds massive steel projects? If you twist metal into art we want to hear from you. You can join our team of champions who have learned the race starts long before the green flag swings in the wind, and only the best prepared taste victory. Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems wants to help you achieve perfection and save you time.

Please visit www.torchmateracing.com to find out how you can join our team of champions.

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