12 Volt Guy Dual battery kit

We've all been there. Get in your rig in the morning, little hung over from the night before, and click, click, click. Dead battery! Sitting around the camp fire the night before with your buddies listening to Wham killed your battery. What no jumper cables? There's got to be a better way.

While cruising the Pirate board, I came across 12 Volt Guy's dual battery system. The kit claims it can be used with virtually any rig. So I called up Seabass, and ordered up a kit for my 1985 Toyota Truck. The kit comes with everything you need.

I started by mounting the second Optima battery mirror image of the factory battery. I ran the 4 gauge battery cable in front of the radiator to the main battery.

On the second battery you can connect the ground wire up to the body or to the main battery ground. I chose to the body.

Next I mounted the high amp relay. This connects and isolates the batteries. You should connect all your accessories to main battery. Starter, winch, lights, etc. The purpose for hooking all items to the main is to HAVE A BACKUP BATTERY

I ran the wires from the amp through the firewall to the in-cab toggle switch. Follow the provided directions to hook up the wires to the toggle.

The black wire goes to ignition 12v and you are done wiring.

Mounting the switch was a breeze. I simply drilled a pilot hole in the left side of the plate and screwed it into the dash with one screw.


The in cab three-way toggle switches come with this bling plate that fits perfectly in the cubby hole on 1984-1989 Toyota Trucks and 4-Runners  Under dash mounting plates are also available.

Two small LEDs indicate NORM (normal) or EMER (emergency) mode.

Install the gauge cluster cover and you are done.

How it works:

NORM Mode: this is with ignition on, as soon as you start up both battery's are on and both charge & LED tells switch position by color.

OFF Position: Battery's are isolated. Primary battery will charge and the second will not.

Emergency mode: You now have a self jump start.

The kit was very simple to install and came with all the necessary odds and ends (even zip ties). Just follow the provided directions and you will be done in no time. It took me about 1.5 hours to install.


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