AOR Toyota Axle U-bolt flip kit
By Darren aka Seabass


One of the things I hate about stock U-bolts is that the factory put them on upside down! Why you ask? Well I have no idea! What I do know is that they get tore up on the trail hanging below the axle like that!

A U-bolt flip has many advantages, 1st it gets the bolts up away from hitting rocks and dirt. It also increases clearance, and the drivers side U-bolt plate always gets hit, bending it into the nut so you can not even get a socket on the nut. You will most likely need new U-bolts when you upgrade to that new set of springs anyway, so flip those bolts at the same time. AOR's kit gets the U-bolts pointing up and away from danger.

I was very impressed with the Quality of this kit! The U-bolts are top quality 9/16", gold-zink coated, and if you don't care for the color, it is a great primer for paint to stick to. The plates are fabricated from beefy 3/8" hot-rolled plate steel, 4.5" wide by 7.5" long. The plates themselves are black-zink finished for great rust protection. My kit came with the poly bump stops too. They are 1.75" tall and pyramid up from a 3" base, they come in your choice of black or red.The kits are available for all years rear springs up to the current Tacoma's and for 79-85 fronts. I got my kit for the 79-83 front axle.You can also special order round-bend or square-bend U-bolts in any length you need. Special-order U-bolts are available zinc-coated or plain.

My axles were moved forward by drilling the Toyota axle perches, so I had to drill the spring center bolt holes new location in the spring plate, yes it was a task as they are 3/8" thick!

I found out that my spring pack (stock toy rear in front) with the 3/8" spacer to make up the height difference of the pad on the drivers side made the U-bolts to short. Drivers side U-bolts were 7.5" so I just removed the 3/8" spacer, gave AOR a call to inform them of the potential problem for future reference. Well the guys at AOR are not one to compromise quality, and told me they would make the kits with longer U-bolts for all future customers! They offered me another set of longer U-bolts also, but I don't see the need on my rig, so I'm happy with what I have. Some tips. Don't do a U-bolt flip without crossover steering,interference problems. Torque to spec, and re-Torque after a few hundred miles. Always check them before every trail trip! This kit is 100% top quality! You will not be disappointed, and some of you know how picky I am! Price on this kit $95, worth every penny too.


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