Avalanche Rocker Guards
By Steve Nolan (SteveN)


Stock, vulnerable rockers
Checking the fit
Propping it up for fit
Gettin' our drill awn
Attaching body mounts

The finished product!
Another one!

Avalanche recently dropped their price on rocker guards. They are now only $198.00 for most Jeeps. I thought this would be a great time to do a review. We found a couple of willing Specialty Parts customers with Jeep TJ's, rolled them into the back shop and installed away. One of the things I like best about these are they are a simple 3/16" plate that has been cut and formed to fit your Jeep. Unlike some of the other designs that reduce ground clearance or side clearance these are flat and functional. They also tie into the frame/body mounts for extra beef.

The rockers come unpainted so you can rattle can them with the same flat black paint scheme your buddy has. Another Idea for the blend in verses contrast types would be to get a couple cans of that factory touch up paint and spray away. Finally for those with less time and fuller wallets there is always powder coating.

The install started with the removal of all body mounts on one side and loosening the front. Don't forget the body mount near the upper rear shock mount. We reinstalled the center mounts using the first few threads. We jacked up the body using our favorite old school tranny case/jack extension and a block of wood. We put the block of wood on the underside of the body where it would not interfere with the rockers.

We then slid the rocker into place being careful to line up the slots in the rocker with the body mounts. Then lowered the body. Drilling the holes for the 3/8" stainless countersunk screws was next. The screws and body mounts were tightened up and our rockers were complete. The other side went exactly the same as the first. Please remember to only loosen one side of the body mounts at a time.

The owner of the black Jeep chose to leave the background the same color as the rocker while the customer chose a contrasting color to highlight the Avalanche cut out logo. Most prefer to contrast; yet we feel both ways look great. These rockers were very easy to install especially compared to the types where you need to drill holes both in the sides and the bottom. The price is great and with the cut out Avalanche logo you will most likely have a strong opinion on how they look. We think they have just the right amount of ritzy high tech appeal. They are available from Avalanche direct or any of it's dealers.

Avalanche Engineering
9844 Titan Ct. #11
Bayfield CO 80125

Specialty Parts
4731 Central Way
Fairfield CA 94534