Advance Adapters Donates to Del’s Jeep Rebuild
By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador
Photos by Chris Collard

The crew at Wyotech preparing for the install...

The folks at Advance Adapters support a lot of causes, comp drivers and off road issues in general, and just plain help us keep our trails open with their fine products. The Atlas transfer case is the premier, handle-any-trail, t-case that wheelers dream about. Now, I can say I am the proud owner of one!

Advance Adapters heard I was in the rebuild of Red project. They figured I could do more trails, be easier on my rig, and save more trails by having a new 5:1 Atlas. Here we have it! Wyotech (automotive college in Sacramento) installed the new Atlas in these photos by Chris Collard.

The Atlas isn't much bigger than the stock NP231

Most serious trails are better executed with a low-geared rig. For me, there is nothing better than an off-road low gear operation, combined with on road drivable gears for pavement. The gear ratios of the Atlas provide just that. You can have low-low while off road, and still be reasonably geared for pavement work.

More importantly, durability is non-negotiable with me. I can't afford to break -- financially or operationally. I usually have a politician or VIP with me when I do hard trails like the Rubicon. I want my rig to make it there and back. This new Atlas will ensure I can do that.

The Wyotech boys finishing up the install.

The install has been covered in many magazines and write ups. It’s not that hard, you just need a few of the right tools and a bit of help. The Wyotech students did an awesome job with my Atlas.

I immediately went out and ran the Rubicon Trail, Loon to Buck Island and back, to test my Atlas. I LOVE IT. What a difference it made having the two-speed t-case. I had the front in and out, the rear in and out, and both in. It was awesome. I think old “Red” is a new Jeep now.

Thank you Advance Adapters for helping me to help our trails.

- Del

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