Giant Tech CAT-416D- Plasma Cutter/ARC Welder with TIG Functions.
By John Jacott

As I start to do more and more of my own fabrication on various projects, I've found that my need for more expensive and specialized tools has increased. For example, I've needed a TIG Welder for some of my recent projects. At least, that's what I told my wife!

Unfortunately I happen to have a very small garage. I already have a large MIG welder, an old school stick welder, a plasma cutter, etc. I couldn't figure out where I would make room for yet another welder. On top of that, I went to use my trusty stick welder to weld up a friend's frame and it was dead. My 44 year old Lincoln finally let go. So now I needed to buy two welders and I still have limited space.

Like normal, I turned to Pirate4x4 to find a solution. I had great luck with my Chinese made converter technology plasma cutter and I found that similar companies were making a combo Stick/Tig/Plasma machine. The new unit I was looking at from Giant Tech is smaller than my now dead stick welder, and it was also less expensive than buying two new welders!  I particualarly liked the fact that Giant Tech was local to me and Larry repaired items in his own facility. Also worth mentioning is that Larry would deliver on a Friday night when I really needed that stick welder to run a bit of 7018 rod!

To be honest I really prefer to buy US made items, but it's becoming very, very difficult to find US made items nowadays. Even the big brands are made in China, so I decided I could do without some of the bells and whistles and could justify the purchase since my funds were going to a New Hampshire local!

Giant Tech CAT-416D Specs:
  • 120/240 volts single phase
  • 40 Amps Plasma cutter
  • 160 Amps DC Tig with High Frequency NON-Contact start
  • 150 Amps DC stick welder
  • Duty Cycle 60% @ 40 Amps and 100% @ 30 Amps.
  • 0.50 inches rated cut with 6 inches per minute.
  • Air pressure of 70 psi @ 4 cfm.
  • Weighs only 29 lbs is 17 inches long x 8 inches wide x 12.5 inches high.

  • Ships with:
  • Argon flow/meter
  • Ground Cable & ground clamp
  • Plasma torch with 10' hose
  • Tig torch with 10' hose
  • Stick holder with 10' of cable
  • 11-electrodes
  • 11-nozzles
  • 6 each of a ceramic shield cup and swirl ring
  • Air filter/regulator, hose, clamps, mounting bracket, argon regulator
  • Owners manual

The unit itself is very compact, as you can see from the picture above with Larry.  Overall, I am happy with the unit. It performs the job well for a hobbyist. It cuts as well as the other two plasma cutters I've had, stick welds nicely and the TIG function is very sweet. It is a good value for the money.

Some areas where I would like to see improvement:

  • You should be able to switch polarity.
  • The torch is somewhat cheesy, with wire tied switches on the handle.
  • During a fairly major fabrication festival, we broke the soldiering that attached the vinyl air hose to the torch head.

The support that I received from Larry was tremendous.  A month after I received my CAT-416D he mentioned that he had newer ones that have a foot pedal control option and that mine could be retro-fitted with a pedal. He drove to my house and outfitted mine with a pedal and brought more consumables. I am sure the Chinese factories are pumping these out to many different re-sellers. Larry at Giant Tech really made the difference for me with his customer service and honesty about his solution. I also like the fact that I can use Esab/L-Tec pt-31 torch consumables available at my local welding supply store.

Giant Tech
913 Mt. Moosilauke Hwy
Wentworth NH 03282
PH: 603-764-9942