Extreme Tubework
By Dogwalker

The old cage was bent, ugly, and mounted only to the floor board.

My roll cage was pretty well used and abused, not to mention it was outdated and basically ugly. I wanted to build a new cage that not only had style, but fit my needs for camping and trail riding. The old cage was also used has my air tank for seven years, and had a handful of rollovers under its belt as well. So not only was it a weak and damaged cage, but it was also bolted to my body and the body was separating from the seams!

I spoke with Grady at Grady’s Extreme Off Road about building the new cage. We went over some ideas, and decided to mount the new cage to the frame (for obvious reasons). I was also taking advantage of the situation to attempt to lighten up my cruiser a bit out back, so he chopped off the rear section of my frame and built a new tubular frame and incorporated it into the roll cage. The new cage is as perfect as I had hoped for! The work that was performed by Grady’s Extreme Off road is superior craftsmanship! Everyone that looks at the cage always has something really good to say about it.

Grady’s Extreme Off Road specializes in suspension systems, steering systems, engine and transmission conversions, and complete competition rock buggies to name a few. They also have extensive knowledge with GM Vortec conversions. You can purchase their rock buggies in several different phases of completion to suit your needs.

Grady’s Extreme Off Road
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