KONG'S Crossover Steering Kit
By Seabass
KONG'S high crossover steering kit takes Toyota crossover steering one step further then standard crossover by placing the tie rod ABOVE the leaf springs and implementing the STRONGEST parts found on any kit.

There kit has HUGE arms machined from solid steel , they are the biggest I've ever seen! At 1" thick they are BEEF!

These arms use 3/4ton Chevy rod ends with zerk fittings they are stronger/cheaper and easier to replace than other type of rod ends, can be found about anywhere.The drag link and tie rod are 1.25" by 1/4" thick D.O.M. tubing, the pitman arm is a standard Toyota IFS arm, drilled and taper sleeved to accept the Chevy ends.Here is the new next to my old tierod. Does your old tie rod look a little bent like this?
This kit is as easy to install as removing the old arms, tie rod and drag link and bolting on the new parts. And now the tierod is up over the leaf springs where it is out of harms way.
With this mod done, you have:
  • Steering that won't get bent or brake.
  • Steering that is safe.
  • Steering that won't bind with that flexy suspension.
  • You can now run a front u-bolt flip without the stick "push-pull" interference.
  • Easier steering.
  • Looks so cool!

    The guys at Kongs really out did them selves on this kit! It comes un-painted and very well packaged. I fully expect years of use out of this kit, so can you. So if you haven't picked up that high steer kit yet, give Kongs a good hard look, you get a lot for your $$$. I think this kit gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to upgrades you can do to your truck!

    Price as Tested:

    High Crossover Steering Kit: $549
    Left and right machined solid steel steering arms
    Tierod with Chevy 3/4 ton rod ends
    Draglink with Chevy 3/4 ton rod ends
    Modified IFS pitman arm

    Contact Info
    2010 West Cheryl Drive
    Phoenix, Arizona 85021