Metal Tech Land Cruiser FJ40 tube fenders
Story and photos by Jeff "Dog Walker" Fretwell

If you like the look of the factory Toyota fenders, and you're looking for a heavy duty replacement, look no further! Metal Tech has you covered with their pre-bent tube fender kit. This kit is great for the average welder/ fabricator that does not have access to a tube bender. You will just have to cut pieces to length, notch, and weld. Sounds easy enough right? Be ready to get you're work on, this is no task for the weak! But in the end, with patience and taking time to double check all measurements, you will have some awesome looking fenders that can stand up to some real abuse. The kit comes nicely packaged with on-line instructions. I chose to print the instructions out so that I could have them handy in the garage.

My original fenders were quite the eye sore!

The first step to the build was to remove the stock fenders. Only one at a time though, otherwise the front clip will be loose and make it difficult to build the tube fenders. I should note that these fenders are designed to give you an additional 2.5" of clearance. By doing that, you cut the fender aprons down to achieve this. This procedure is explained in detail in the instructions. I chose not to cut my aprons because I have more than enough clearance as it is. After removing a fender, the next step is to mount the main tube, lower support bar, and the main support.

The main support tube will need to be notched, along with some grinding. The amount of grinding will depend on how well you notched the upper end of the tube. In my case it was a tricky notch that required allot of tricky grinding to get it just right.

Now I cut the main support cross tube to length, and tacked in place the outer fender tube. Note: you can make the fenders narrower if you want by simply cutting the cross tubes shorter. I cut mine so that the front of my fenders were 10" wide, and tapered down to 7.5" at the bottoms.

This next part is a little bit tricky. Adding in the last piece of the puzzle, the front radius. I took several measurements, then notched and cut.

There is also a bracket that gets bolted to the grill bib in between the apron. The front outer radius tube will get welded to this. This makes up the third mounting point for the fenders.

Next I removed the fender for final welding.

Next I re-installed the fenders to double check fitments, drill holes for mounting, and to fit my new aprons in place. I also built a new battery tray into the right side fender.

Now it was time for the skins. I dreaded this part knowing that I'm not much of a sheet metal guy. You will need allot of clamps for this job! I placed the sheet metal over the fender starting at the front, and slowly clamped it in place. I then marked the underside where I needed to trim. Then after making the cuts, clamped the sheet metal back on and started tack welding.

The welding part took awhile, but well worth it. I'm glad I decided to use my MIG welder for this part rather than my inner-shield wire feed, after the first few tacks. This makes for a more smooth cleaner weld, which you will be thankful for when you're trying to blend the skins to the tubes.

The finished product.

You can contact Metal Tech regarding these fenders or for any of their many other products available for the Toyota Land Cruiser here: https://www.metaltech4x4.com/p-25-fj40-tube-fenders.aspx

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