PRP Racing Suspension Seats
By Lance Clifford

Midnight the Moose and Shandi testing out the goods...

I've been four wheeling for many years, and one thing I've always skimped on is seats. My trail rig had junk yard seats out of a Dodge Daytona, and then when those rotted out, I put in plastic RCI seats. They were uncomfortable as all get out, but they were cheap! I think every single person that ever rode in my rig with the plastic seats complained about how horrible they were.

During the 2003 competition season, we ran Kirkey aluminum racing seats in the interest of weight and price. Well over the 2003 season Mike began to suffer from back pain after events from the sharp impacts while competing. We determined that price and weight were simply not nearly as important as your back, and that suspension seats would go into any and all new rigs in the future. Not to mention we're getting older, and comfort gets more and more important the older you get! ;)

When we began building a new competition buggy for my wife Kelly, I knew that a suspension seat was madatory. My wife is very small and a suspension seat would provide the safety and comfort to keep her concentrating on the rocks in front of her. After doing some research, I was quickly reminded why I had not used suspension seats in the past - them thar things are expensive! A friend of mine told me to give PRP (Premiere Racing Products) a call. I gave them a call, and talked to Aaron, the owner of PRP. I found that they build top of the line racing suspension seats at a price even I could afford. I chatted with Aaron about my needs, and he was very friendly and helpful. Our needs were somewhat unique, as the rig was primarily being built for my 125lb. wife to compete in, but I also wanted to be able to drive it somewhat comforably. Aaron assured me he could build us a seat that would be able to keep Kelly safely in place, AND allow my fat 250lb butt to fit into. The rig's main sponsor is Superior Axle & Gear, so Aaron went with a custom red and black scheme that would match the rest of the rig perfectly. PRP can build seats to your size and color specifications.

Two weeks later our seat arrived, and it came with a cool leather pouch that can strap onto the backside of the seat. We tested the seat out on the living room floor for about a week before installing it into the newly built chassis. Let me tell you, that seat is a great living room chair! I wonder if Aaron could make me a PRP couch! The craftmanship that goes into these seats is impressive. From the materials used to the stitching, it's apparent that Aaron and the crew at PRP take great pride in their seats.

Adjustable sliding seat bracket with 2" extension for Kelly the midget. ;)

Once the chassis was ready for the seat, Rob "Tin Bender" Park from Shaffer's Offroad fabbed up some trick sliding seat rails for the seat. This way it could accomidate my 6'2" frame, and Kelly's 5'4" frame. The seat slides back and forth on the rails and locks into place with a couple of pins. It works great!

Driving Impressions

Seat after one year of abuse out in the elements. Note the leaves in the base of the seat!

We've had the rig for an entire rock crawling season now, and we've both driven it in competition. We both absolutely love the PRP seat! It has held up great, and still looks like new. The cushioning has not broken down at all, and we have not experienced any back or butt pain whatsoever. Since the rig is an open buggy and has no windows, etc. the seat has been exposed to rain and the elements. The seat has held up fine to everything mother nature has been able to throw at it, including snow! We have not only driven the rig in competitions, but also on some trails like the Rubicon (including Jeeper's Jamboree), and Fordyce Creek. On long trails such as these, we felt great even after sitting for hours.

I can't stress enough how much more enjoyable trail riding and competing can be in a comfortable seat. Do your back and butt a favor and give PRP a call!

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