Redneck Ram Hydro Assist Insall
By Mike "Maniac" Overmeyer

After installing Dana 60's in my 4-Runner with the help of Billy Bob's Banjos and Porn owner Scott Whittaker last year i was plagued by constant power steering overheating and the inability to steer in tight situations.

What good do 60's do if you cant steer where you want to go? For that matter what are you doing wheeling at all if you cant steer?

Well there is a cheap and economical alternative to full hydraulic steering with the added bonus of being able to go back to your stock steering if you run into a huge rock and waste your hydraulic ram.......The Redneck Ram system

I contacted West Texas Off Road and there helpful staff (thank you Matt and Lisa) had all the right parts, prices and answers to fix my problem.

The Redneck Ram system is a very easy upgrade to do. First you pull your stock steering box off and ship it to their shop where it is taken apart, inspected, fully rebuilt and drilled and tapped to accept the new hydraulic hoses.

When you recieve the kit back (turnaround time is usually 3-4 days) it will include everything you need to install your new "getting it" steering (Coors Light not included but highly recommended)

On my rig the easieast place to mount the ram was to the front cover so it was off to Billy Bob's shop to build a totally reinforced cover.

After many beers the "dumb end" of the ram was mounted and it was time to run the steering through its full length of travel and mount the "smart end" of the ram to my tie rod.

After that it was just a matter of hooking up the hydraulic hoses and bleeding the system, which was very easy if you follow the instructions.

The end result was awesome,i have been wheeling for 12 years and have never been able to steer at will whenever and wherever i want. I thrashed on my rig ruthlessly on Memorial Day weekend at the "con" running sluice box 4 times middle sluice box twice and other various wicked ledges without a single problem.

Too good to be true? Wrong!!! West Texas Off Road offers this whole kit for approximately 400.00!!! (some vehicles prices may vary)

Mike overmeyer
Club President, Pirates of the Rubicon.
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