Shakerbuilt 14 Bolt Disk Brakes
By Vova


When I decided I wanted to have a wider stance in my truck I started to look into rear axles. I had to choose an axle width close to what I planned to put up front (Chevy D60). I chose the 14-bolt for three reasons:

  • Cheap: I paid $75 for mine. They are all over Pic-n-Pull for under $100.
  • Strength: 1.5", 30 spline axles.
  • Full floater - It takes 8 bolts to get the axle out and if the axle does brake, the tire does not come off.

A big drawback was that the 14-bolt has really heavy drum brakes. To fix this issue I looked around and found a product by that lets you install disk brakes in place of the drums.

DCP_1615.jpg (53272 bytes)
Start of by pulling the eight bolts to free the axle.  The axle should just slide out.

DCP_1618.jpg (78914 bytes)

This is the drum and hub assembly.  You will need to take a punch and knock out the studs to release the hub from the drum.

DCP_1616.jpg (46352 bytes)

Back off the brake adjuster and pull off the drum/hub assembly. Unbolt the four bolts holding the backing plate to the axle.
DCP_1617.jpg (48802 bytes)
This is what comes off - E-brake, brake pads, backing plate, and drum.

DCP_1619.jpg (50441 bytes)

This is what comes in the disk brake kit from Shakerbuilt: (2) brackets, (8) spacers, and 8 bolts.
DCP_1673.jpg (45831 bytes)
Bracket mounted in the axle with supplied hardware.
DCP_1661.jpg (40494 bytes)
I replaced the rear seal since I had to get to the bearings.

DCP_1662.jpg (31022 bytes)

Use the wheel studs to mount the new rotor to the hub. Then just mount the whole setup on the spindle. Make sure to seat the stud all the way down.
DCP_1672.jpg (38198 bytes)
A look from the back.

DCP_1681.jpg (45573 bytes)

Installed and ready to go.  Overall the brackets are really clean and easy to install. I would highly recommend this swap to anyone who has a 14-bolt.  It's a very easy swap.
  You can get this kit from  Ask for Tim.