Sky-Manufacturing Shock Hoops
By Brandon Miller




When the box arrived at my door with the new shock hoops I quickly opened it up to see what they looked like. First off I was very impressed with the quality of the packing, this box could survive the UPS playing football with it! Inside the box where the 2 hoops marked right and left, 4 gussets, 4 plastic caps, and one piece of tubing. The price on the hoops is 89.95. Tubing is 1.5 inch .120 wall HREW, all gussets and such laser cut, includes end caps to keep dirt and water out of the end of the tube.

Because my truck uses a scout saginaw steering box I was afraid that I would not be able to use the hoops and began looking at the other vehicles sitting at my house - I held it up to a M38-A1 and an FJ40 and it looks like they would have fit perfectly under either one even though these are specificaly build to fit the inner fenders of a toyota truck.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the hoops so I was determined to make them work. I first contemplated cutting the hoops in half but after holding them up at a tilted position they fit perfectly up against where the inner fender matches up to the cab (see 4th image from the top on the left column) leaving plenty of room for my saginaw steering box. This would not be an issue with a truck that has been converted to a standard IFS steering box since the scout box actually swings the opposite direction. Since the arm turns the other way the box must be mounted further back in order for the arm to swing forward (as to where the IFS box swings backward)

First task was to remove the stock shock mounts. This was done with my trusty sawzall in about 10 seconds. After cutting the old towers off some time was spent cleaning up the frame before welding on the new towers. Placement was decided by clearance on the frame. With my angled mount I really did not have to decide how far up or down on the frame I would weld the bars on, the front one was welded near the top of the frame and the rear toward the bottom. In the intended location the installer has some choice on mounting location allowing the use of different shocks.

After butt welding the hoops to the frame I put some force on them and as is they were allready stronger what was on there but I decided to use the provided gussets. I first placed on gusset on each side and gave it another tug. I still had 2 more gussets and decided they were not necessary. I do intend to run a tube through the fender to my roll cage at some point to stiffen the cage but for now they are solidly mounted.

For shocks I chose to use the longest easily available shock - Rancho 9012. If I was using the original toyota front axle they would have simply bolted into place. With my retubed dana44 front axle I had to fabricate some lower mounts. First thought was to use the simple con fer shock mounts that sell for just a couple bucks. Since the new suspension has not been thoroughly tested and I did not feel like cutting off the new towers or compromising for shorter shocks I so opted to make an adjustable lower shock mount. So far I have not been able to put the setup to the trail test but stay tuned for in action pics and any issues I may run into..


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