Pete Jackson Gear Drive from Summit Truck Style
By Seabass
I contacted Summit Truck Style for a Geardrive for my 1990 4.3L GM V6. I wanted it to sound like it was not a little 1300cc 4 banger and have the advantage of very accurate timing at the same time. Being that my motor has a factory roller cam, the only brand that would fit was a Pete Jackson GearDrive. The roller cam has a smaller mounting area so the other kits will not work and the setup does not have an adjustable cam button as there is not room for it. It came well packed, had very well written directions and is as easy as installing a chain setup.I was quite surprised to see how bad my chain was! I sure am happy I tore into this motor before it failed on the trail.

On my SUZUKI I can just pull the grill/rad support with a few bolts and then the rad, so it's all open to work on in 15 mins or so.

Now just pull off the belt only one on my vortech 4.3L and then remove the fan.
Next is the water pump. After that, off comes the pulley then balancer. Be sure to use the proper puller or it will separate ruining the balancer. I like to put each of the parts bolts/nuts ect into plastic bags, makes it easy to keep track of them and easy to find if the project takes a few days or weeks/years ect.
Now take out all but the back 2 oil pan bolts, just loosen those and the pan will drop enough to get the timing cover off and on with ease.
Now pull off the old gears and chain, remove the 2 bolts holding the cam retainer and replace with the low profile ones supplied, use some locktight! Install cam gear and torque to spec, bend over the lockplate tabs and make sure to pound them as flat as possible so they won't rub on the cover. Install the crank gear, line up the marks and slide the idler gears on 1/2 way only. Now is when you re-read the instructions provided. Push the cover with gasket onto face of block, pull cover back off and check the clearance as per the instructions. If correct then crank motor over by hand 2 full times and check the movement of the reverse idler gear, see instructions for how this is done, as it may vary depending on which kit you have. Here is what it looks like installed.

Now just install everything in the reverse order. I like to use the black RTV with graphite in it, as it holds up well. Be sure to use a thin coat not the fat beads, except on the bottom of the timing cover where it meets the pan. I laid a medium bead there. Now this is the "Quiet" gear drive but they are not silent, just not as noisy. So expect some gear whine. I wanted a noisier one but they are not made for the factory roller cam motor. After I took it for a test drive, the throttle response was notably better! That was a bonus I was not expecting! Thanks to Summit Truckstyle my rig runs (and sounds) better.