Toyota P/U & 4runner Tube Doors by SW Tube Works
By Steve Hersh (steveh)

We see tube doors on the trail, and when you ask "Hey, where did you get those", the answer you get is "I fabed them" or "My local 4x4 shop custom fabed them for me". So, when Scott Wood of SW Tube Works in Paradise, CA contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a product review here on Pirate4x4 for his Toyota tube doors, how could I say no?

The doors are fabed from .120 wall EREW tubing and are all tig welded. SW makes them to fit 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Toys. Tacoma's are in development, and SW will also make custom sets for just about any 4x4 as well. They come painted black from SW, but powder coating is available as an option.

I could go on, but the pictures tell the story better than me. My truck is a 1985 Xrtacab


Here are the doors as delivered to my home by Scott. My first impression was wow! They looked flawless!


Check out how the SW designed the latch, it's simple yet effective, includes a plastic bumper, plus it's fully adjustable so when the door is latched it fits snug and there are no rattles.


First step to installing them is removing the doors. Start by pulling the pin on the door check and roll down the windows so you can hold the door when it's time to take the bolts out of the hinges.


Next remove the bottom door hinge bolts. It's a good idea to leave one in finger tight.

Now's a real good time to plan how you want to deal with any wires for speakers or god forbid if you have them, Electric Windows and/or locks heh heh ...

I have Speakers so I just pulled out a decent loop since they had a good amount of slack in them, and cut 'em. I'll put connectors on later when I put the doors back on.


Next remove the top door hinge bolts, leaving one finger tight. Now, hold the door by reaching around through the window opening and remove the 2 loose bolts.
We're now ready to install the SW Tube Door.
Using the nuts and bolts supplied, the doors bolted right up. Alignment is perfect, no issues at all with the holes not lining up. Here's the top hinge.

And here's the bottom. Once all 4 are in place, snug 'em down.

Adjust the latch simply by spinning it in the direction need to either tighten or loosen it.
And that's all there is to it! It might have taken 30 minutes tops, to swap both doors.
Since my truck is also driven on the street, I went down to the local Autozone and bought a set of cheep side view mirrors to be legal.
Passenger side.
Love the visibility gained!

Overall impressions

I'm sold! I can't wait to go wheeling with the new Tube Doors! The visibility gained is awesome. SW Tube Works quality is excellent, these doors truly bolt right on with ease and with a price tag of only $200.00, they are a bargain. SW can ship anywhere with approximately a 1 week manufacturing lead time at the most. Custom orders and optional Powder coating will add to the time, contact SW for details.

Contact Information:

SW Tube Works
Scott Wood
1335 Jeannie Ln.
Paradise, CA 95969
(530) 521-2800