THE Bullet Proof Diff Cover
By Lance Clifford

Wagoner Machine Shop's H.D. Dana 44 Diff Cover

Diff covers have a rough job. They have to protect your large investment of gears and lockers, while you pulverize them over boulders the size of Volkswagens. They get no respect. The average diff cover is less than 1/8" thick, with the heavy duty units being 1/8" thick. There are some companies that make cute little "diff guards" that can protect your diff cover from boulders. But why not simply use a thick, bomb proof diff cover and leave the bolt on gimmicky stuff to the street posuer crowd?

Enter Wagoner Machine Shop. These guys don't make anything light duty! A look at any of their rigs, and you know they mean business. So when WMS asked me if I'd like to test out their new Dana 44 diff cover, I knew this thing would mean business!

1000100_IMG.JPG 1010102_IMG.JPG 1010103_IMG.JPG

This diff cover really is impressive. It's heavy, it's meaty. If you're looking for light weight, forget about this diff cover! Check out the built in skid plate on the bottom of the cover. The stock diff cover doesn't even remotely hold a candle to the WMS cover. Bash this thing all day long, and it's going to take the abuse! The WMS diff cover is made from a 3/8" steel shell with a 1/4" ramp.

1010105_IMG.JPG 1010106_IMG.JPG

Installation was pretty straightforward... Simply unbolt the old diff cover, and bolt on the new one. The WMS cover came with high quality allen bolts that are countersunk in the lower skid plate to protect them from rocks. Notice how the new diff cover slightly hangs below our well-ground Dana 44 pumpkin. A quick pass of the grinder, or a few passes through Little Sluice should clearance it just fine.

Overall Impressions
While I'm VERY impressesed with the finish, and heavy-dutyness of the WMS cover, I'm afraid the price of this beast isn't as appealing. At $200, this is the most expensive diff cover I know of. But if you want the best of the best, and cost and weight isn't a concern for you, then WMS diff covers are for you.

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