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One of the most sought after modifications for the the hardcore off-roader, nothing says "I am serious about my vehicles off-road capability" like full hydraulic steering. Nothing screams "I will not compromise my rig's abilities" like a hydraulic steering unit and big ol' steering cylinder. When you see a rig with full hydraulic steering - it really says something about that rigs capabilities, and its owner/drivers mind-set.

Unfortunately - it also seems to be one of the least understood, most often erroneously described of all vehicle systems.

All that is about to change! After months of research and preparation, BillaVista, in co-operation with Performance Off-Road Systems brings you the Mecca of hydraulic steering tech articles.

In this series of articles we will start with basic hydraulic principles and tech: theory, system design, maintenance, troubleshooting, how to read hydraulic circuit diagrams, etc.
From there we will progress to the specifics of hydraulic steering: the terms, technology, parts, and principles of system design and operation.
Following that will be the review and detailed installation of a custom full hydraulic steering system solution from Sean Stapely (aka Station) at Performance Off-Road Systems.
As you would expect, there will be full discussion of components, hoses, fittings, pump requirements - the works.
There will also be tons of great additional tech and reference material - from Military fluid power manuals to catalogues from all three of the major players in the hydraulic steering manufacturing business (Sauer-Danfoss, Eaton/Char-Lynn, and Parker/Ross).  
I will break through the shadowy barriers of the "secret" hydraulic steering world. I will expose the myths and mistakes, reveal the truth, the tech, and teach you what you need to know to get the performance you want from your hydraulic steering - including what you do and do not need to buy, and from whom.

As you can imagine, this will not be a small undertaking. In the end you will be a much better informed consumer - able to participate in the design of your system, ensuring you get exactly what you want / need. Nothing sucks more than dumping a bunch of hard earned cash on a serious upgrade / mod like hydro steering, only to find out it isn't at all what you had wanted or expected.
After reading this series of articles you will be able to call up Performance Off-Road Systems and discuss flow rates, system pressures, and valve displacement requirements. Whether it's a single component like a cooler/filter/reservoir combo or a full matched and balanced system you are after the more you know - the more likely you will be a satisfied customer in the end.
Of course - if all you want to do is call up and order a whole system, just based on your axle and tire size, Performance Off-Road Systems can do that.

Enough pre-amble - on with the tech:

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Contact Info:

Sean Stapley
Performance Off-Road Systems

1712 Indian Pines Rd.

Wetumpka , Al 36093

Phone: 334 567 7229

Fax: 334 567 7220



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