Teraflex Manufacturing Dana 20 Low Range Kit

Part 2 of the Uber-20 project
(Building the ultimate low geared transfer case at home)
By BillaVista

Page 5 - Installing the kit, part 1

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Once you have the old case torn down, clearanced, cleaned and inspected, it's time to install the new gear set.

Installing Main Drive Gear

 The first step is to install the new main drive gear.  Place it on the transmission or doubler output shaft. 
Install the washer and nut using thread locking compound, torque to spec, and if your installation requires it, install a new cotter pin.
My doubler all cleaned up and ready for reassembly.
Another look at the new gears that go in the case.

Reassembling the case - part 1

Place a little RTV sealant on the ends of the shift rod caps and tap them into their bores in the case.
Slide the front shift rod part way into the case and slip the front shift fork over the end and onto the rod.
Line up the shift fork with the detent in the shift rod and install the set screw. Tighten to 14 ft lbs.
Place the rear sliding gear and rear shift fork into the case in their proper orientation.  Make sure the sliding gear is installed the right way around - with the slot in the sliding gear towards the rear of the case.
Using a bearing driver or press, drive the front output shaft rear roller bearing in place on the shaft.
Place the front sliding gear and front output gear in place in the case. Make sure the slot in the front sliding gear faces the rear of the case and engages with the front shift fork. Hold both gears in place in the case...
... and then slide the front output shaft into the case from the rear of the case.
The front output shaft and gears in place should look like this.
Using an appropriate driver, drive the front output shaft rear bearing cup (race) into its bore in the rear of the case.
Place a thin bead of RTV sealant on the shim closest to the case, then install the shims and bearing cap and tighten the bolts to 30 ft lbs.
Slide the front output shaft washer and front roller bearing onto the shaft.
Drive the roller bearing into place on the shaft - I used a length of 1.5" Schedule 40 pipe and a steel block.
Next drive the front output shaft front bearing cup (race) into place - I used a length of 3" exhaust tube and steel block.
Install a new front output shaft yoke seal and new shift rod seals in the front output housing.

Lay a thin (1/8") bead of RTV sealant around the edges of the case where the front output housing mounts.  Place the front shift rod detent spring in the front output housing, then start the housing onto the front shift rod (ignore the fact that the rear shift rod is installed in this pic). Place front poppet ball on top of spring and depress into housing with a punch, tilt transfer case to slide interlock pill to right if required, and slide the front output housing into place over the front shift rod.

Place rear shift rod detent spring and poppet ball into front output housing
Depress poppet ball with punch, and slide rear shift rod into housing with the shift fork detent facing up.

Once started past the poppet ball, rotate the rear shift rod 1/4 turn counterclockwise, as shown, so that poppet ball doesn't hang up on the detents in the shift rod.

Make sure the rear sliding gear and shift fork are positioned properly in case, and slide rear shift rod into case, and through shift fork.

Align shift fork with shift fork detent in rear shift rod, then tighten set screw to 14 ft lbs.

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