Steering Version 2

This was pretty much a disaster - it's sole purpose is now to serve as a warning to others

Intro.  The main issue to be resolved was addressing the binding between the drag link and tie rod.  I accomplished this by raising the draglink attachment at the knuckle, and reducing the spacers under the tie rod rod ends. Since I was still doing R&D, i kept the rod ends for now -no point reaming a bunch of tapered holes for TREs and then having to re do them.  The nice thing about the rod ends was the ease of changing spacers and moving stuff around.  It worked as far as eliminating contact between the linkages, but using that great big spacer under the drag link is not a good design, and even with the weenie little 1/4" extra bracket, this was not a proper "double shear" arrangement.  I ran and wheeled this setup for a while, but just wasn't comfortable with it, so it went in the bin, and version 3 was born.  Anyway - here's a look at the ill fated version 2.

Much better clearance between the linkages
But that drag link attachment is just ugly!
It might work with proper bracing / brackets
The drag link was nice and flat for no bump steer
But that bolt is potentially under tremendous force.
I didn't bend or break it, but that "warm fuzzy" feeling just wasn't there.
With the tie rod sitting on 1/4" vice 1/2" spacers, it did get a little close to the springs.
The clearance was ok, much improved
But still a little close with the right side drooping.
Summary: A learning experience......which led to the even more ill fated Version 3 !!!!!!

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